Jason Bateman Personality Type – ESTJ

Jason Bateman Personality Type - ESTJ
Jason Bateman ESTJ Personality Type


Jason Bateman, I really like this guy – dude has talent. I wasn’t even aware he was in a lot of shows I really liked back in the 80s like “Silver Spoons”, “Little House on the Prairie”, “The Hogan Family” then fast forward to “Juno”, “Arrested Development” and “Ozark”.

I’ve seen sources say Jason is “ENTP” or an “INTJ” and I disagree. I could not find one source that concluded what I think he is and I was a little surprised. I don’t see “ENTP”, however I do see a case for “INTJ”, but I don’t see “Introverted Intuition” being Jason’s dominant function – you can see it his interviews and his acting.

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Joe Rogan Personality Type – ESTP

Joe Rogan Personality Type - ESTP
Joe Rogan ESTP Personality Type


Well first of all – sorry Joe Rogan this was the only photo I could pull due to copywright’s and all and I didn’t just want to snag a photo off your instagram.

So this post is an update actually, I learned over time that Joe is an ESTP and NOT an ENTP. Yeah I know, rookie mistake. Joe neutralizes conversations with his guests using dominant Se, Extraverted Sensing  – taking turns and reacting to guest cues. This fuels what he’s aspires to do which is Ni, Introverted Intuition, a deep understanding on the subject. We’ve seen it come out many times during his podcast.

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Denzel Washington Personality Type – ENFJ

Denzel Washington Personality Type - ENFJ
Denzel Washington ENFJ Personality Type


Denzel Washington, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like Denzel. From the days of “Glory”, “Ricochet” and “Crimson Tide” to “The book of Eli” and “Equalizer” – Denzel has displayed a 360 view of what an ENFJ is like, but in Denzel’s body. Now I’ve heard sources say ENTJ, ENTP, or INFJ. ENFJ’s are versatile and sometimes I feel like an ENFJ’s is good amount of other personality types smashed into one. I just don’t see ENTJ and ENTP in Denzel, and definitely not INFJ.

Extraverted feeling is Denzel’s dominant function and many people take the feeling part in the wrong way. Extraverted feeling is what give Denzel the ability to make decisions based on the external world. This is why a lot of ENFJ’s do so well with connecting with people – it gives them the advantage on almost playing field – communication being an essential element in our society.

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Ryan Reynolds Personality Type – ENTP

Ryan Reynolds Personality Type - ENTP
Ryan Reynolds ENTP Personality Type


Ryan Reynolds is an easy one to type although some sources give ESTP as being a possibility, I think he’s an ENTP. These two types are a bit like INFP and INTP (and many others), two types that are so close it’s hard to tell which is what. It really boils down to a lot of factors and if you’re a linguist typing might actually be something you might want to get into. There’s a lot of reading to do.

Ryan is a likeable dude – he’s in the likes of Chris Pratt and Robert Downey Jr (both ENTP’s). ENTP’s are a tough one to dislike, the kind of trouble or mischief they get into or create is a bit different than that of an ESTP. ENTP’s are comical, funny, quick witted intellectuals – the mad scientist type so don’t let Ryan’s dashing good looks fool you.

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Shia LaBeouf Personality Type – ENFP

Shia LaBeouf Personality Type - ENFP
Shia LaBeouf ENFP Personality Type


Shia LaBeouf, can I just say “Shy La Buff”? Ok so Shia is an interesting dude, I usually like to write about people who have settled in to themselves, aged and seasoned folks who have a workable timeline I can observe. With Shia though, he’s matured into himself – well not fully but enough personality to grind through.

The sources have come up with INFP, INFJ, and ENFP. I do think Shia is a perceiver not a judger – yeah I know what you’re thinking, I’m breaking my own rule about cognitive functions. When observing dichotomies, what I like to do is feel one’s energy, one’s “vibe” if you will – something a person does long enough it shows. Perceivers have a different way of roaming the earth, you just have to get that vibe.

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Demi Moore Personality Type – ISTP

Demi Moore Personality Type - ISTP
Demi Moore ISTP Personality Type


Demi Moore, too many movies to list here but a few of my faves are “Ghost” and “A Few Good Men”. My first hunch was actually an ISTJ – I like to shoot for an educated guess before I check out what the sources say, I’m usually very close and mostly right. I was one letter off and I do agree with what most sources say – Demi is an ISTP.

Introverted thinking rules an ISTP but it’s the passenger seat (auxiliary function) that really takes over for ISTP’s. With Demi, extraverted sensing is what we see most of the time – she doesn’t look like the idle type and if she is, well then she’s digesting information (introverted thinking). Demi likes to do her deep thinking on her toes, yeah ISTP’s can do that.

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Patrick Swayze Personality Type – ENFJ

Patrick Swayze Personality Type - ENFJ
Patrick Swayze ENFJ Personality Type


I’m a big fan of Patrick Swayze movie classics from “Dirty Dancing”, “Point Break”, “The Outsiders” and “Ghost”. Patrick is always a fun one to watch there’s no doubt about that.

Extraverted feeling rules Patrick’s function stack, a fluid and versatile ENFJ needs vast open space to really thrive – ENFJ’s need some space to roam and interact with their environment. Patrick can dance, sing, surf, skydive altogether with his dashing good looks, this ENFJ is the full package.

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