Tom Cruise Personality Type – ISTP

Tom Cruise Personality Type - ISTP
Tom Cruise ISTP Personality Type


I’m a big fan of Tom Cruise and if you’re an 80’s kid it’s likely you are too. But it’s also likely you’re take on Tom has shifted since the days of “Top Gun”, “Risky Business”, “The Outsiders” and “A Few Good Men”. Most people nowadays remember Tom the scientologist – his interviews on Oprah and a few others got many thinking where the old Tom has gone. Yet we still appreciate movies like “Mission Impossible”, “War of the Worlds”, “Oblivion”, and “The Last Samurai”. I’m not ashamed to admit – I actually really liked “Far and Away”. As we shall see though, Tom’s personality timeline provides hints, Tom the scientologist actually makes it easier to get to know Tom.

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