Robert De Niro Personality Type – ISTJ

Robert De Niro Personality Type - ISTJ
Robert De Nidro ISTJ Personality Type


I often associate Robert De Niro with “Taxi Driver“, “A Bronx Tale and “The Score” just some of my favorite De Niro movies. All movie classics which have aged well spanning several decades, with prolific roles in a wide range of films that showcase his versatility as an actor.

Aside from these involvements, De Niro is up there with the likes of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando which over the years has maintained close friendships with.

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Matt Damon Personality Type – ISTJ

Matt Damon Personality Type - ISTJ
Matt Damon ISTJ Personality Type

Matt Damon is an ISTJ through and through, though some of his roles may convey a different angle. This is only natural, due to Matt’s way of molding himself into various roles.

Let’s remember ISTJ’s, when given ample time to prepare and measure an end goal can really nail the job, thanks to the diligence of Si, Introverted Sensing which sits as the primary function followed by Te, Extraverted Thinking.

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Jeff Bezos Personality Type – ISTJ

Jeff Bezos Personality Type – ISTJ
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Jeff Bezos ISTJ Personality Type


Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and Amazon CEO of this massive E-Commerce company we all know as Amazon. Yeah I love the name. A name I don’t think will ever go away, online shopping -everything online. One of Bezos‘ famous quotes –

“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.”

Jeff Bezos

I couldn’t agree more. I shop on Amazon all the time, yeah there are returns and awful products out there. Sometimes, my package gets lost, damaged, stolen or in extremely rare cases – just never arrives, but that’s the worse case scenario. At the end of the day, Amazon isn’t successful for nothing. Amazon, or should I say Bezos – keeps customer service as the main priority.

Enough about Amazon, though it’s hard to separate the two. On to the man who literally wrote the word Amazon on his wall before Amazon went online.

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Natalie Portman Personality Type – ISTJ

Natalie Portman Personality Type - ISTJ
Natalie Portman ISTJ Personality Type


Yeah, not one of Natalie Portman’s best photos but this was completely intentional. I wanted to capture Natalie in her natural state, when she isn’t acting on script – a candid shot if you will. We usually see Natalie strutting along in a pretty pristine dress accompanied by a great big smile. Watch some of Natalie’s interviews from her younger years (well, and now too) and you’ll see what I mean. Go back in time and watch one of her first movies (I think it was her first), “Léon: The Professional” . If you’ve already watched it, it’s worth watching again – highly recommended, really good movie.

Other big hits include “Black Swan”, “Marvel’s Thor” and Star Wars – check these movies out as well.

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