Mariah Carey Personality Type – ESFJ

Mariah Carey Personality Type - ESFJ


Mariah Carey, All I want is Christmas is You that’s if you aren’t with Nick Cannon, was the last I remember Mariah was with. Today I want to type Mariah Carey and indeed she is the ESFJ personality type.

In all seriousness though, All I want is Christmas is You is one of her top hits, still a modern day classic – Infectious rhythms that captures the joy and excitement of the holiday spirit. With its nostalgic and celebratory vibes, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has become a beloved holiday anthem for fans at every corner of the word.

Other hits include “Daydream,” “Music Box,” and her self-titled debut earning her numerous awards, including multiple Grammys.

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Brie Larson Personality Type – INFP

Brie Larson Personality Type - INFP
Brie Larson INFP Personality Type


Brie Larson. People need to stop hating on Brie, for serious. I think a lot of Marvel fans were a little put off after watching Brie’s role as Captain Marvel on the big screen. Look I get it, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Let’s be real here, were talking about CAPTAIN MARVEL of the MCU. So I see the super high expectations for Brie. But let’s not disregard her amazing performance in the “Room”, a role I find more fitting for Brie. However, Brie is barely just settling in as Captain Marvel – best we can do is remain optimistic, she has a lot of potential and there is plenty of room to mature and grow. I think if the industry was much more aware of her personality type and cognitive functions, she could really capitalize on her strengths, refine and improve on a few things depending on the role.

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Marty Byrde Personality Type ESTJ + Wendy Byrde Personality Type INFJ on Ozark

Marty Byrde Personality Type ESTJ + Wendy Byrde Personality Type INFJ on Ozark
Marty Byrde ESTJ Personality Type
Wendy Byrde INFJ Personality Type

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Dynamic Duo – Marty ESTJ + Wendy INFJ

Ozark the Netflix series doesn’t need an intro, the series is pure engagement right from episode 1.

On to the dynamic duo…

Marty Byrde can easily be mistakened as an ESTP due to his action oriented, here and now quick thinking abilities. However, it is not Se that we see, it is actually Te in ESTJ that is always active and scanning the world for objectivity. ESTJ’s child function or third function Ne – Extraverted Thinking allows for Marty to scan for multiple possibilities. Further we see Parental Si (Introverted Sensing) in Marty, which makes him dutiful and responsible in watching out for his family, though not what were used too in the traditional sense.

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Natalie Portman Personality Type – ISTJ

Natalie Portman Personality Type - ISTJ
Natalie Portman ISTJ Personality Type


Yeah, not one of Natalie Portman’s best photos but this was completely intentional. I wanted to capture Natalie in her natural state, when she isn’t acting on script – a candid shot if you will. We usually see Natalie strutting along in a pretty pristine dress accompanied by a great big smile. Watch some of Natalie’s interviews from her younger years (well, and now too) and you’ll see what I mean. Go back in time and watch one of her first movies (I think it was her first), “Léon: The Professional” . If you’ve already watched it, it’s worth watching again – highly recommended, really good movie.

Other big hits include “Black Swan”, “Marvel’s Thor” and Star Wars – check these movies out as well.

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Demi Moore Personality Type – ISTP

Demi Moore Personality Type - ISTP
Demi Moore ISTP Personality Type


Demi Moore, too many movies to list here but a few of my faves are “Ghost” and “A Few Good Men”. My first hunch was actually an ISTJ – I like to shoot for an educated guess before I check out what the sources say, I’m usually very close and mostly right. I was one letter off and I do agree with what most sources say – Demi is an ISTP.

Introverted thinking rules an ISTP but it’s the passenger seat (auxiliary function) that really takes over for ISTP’s. With Demi, extraverted sensing is what we see most of the time – she doesn’t look like the idle type and if she is, well then she’s digesting information (introverted thinking). Demi likes to do her deep thinking on her toes, yeah ISTP’s can do that.

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Drew Barrymore Personality Type – ENFP

Drew Barrymore Personality Type - ENFP
Drew Barrymore ENFP Personality Type


Drew Barrymore, cute, lovable – she’s a classic in my book. Come on, “E.T” and “Firestarter” are a few of my faves! You will have to go back in time for those, otherwise you may be more familiar with “50 First Dates” or “The Wedding Singer”.

First what the sources say. I’ve seen ISFP, INFP, ESFP and ENFP. Definitely a “P”, perceiver – it’s obvious in how naturally animated she is. You can almost find movements and every part of her face, it’s so free, kind, and I’ll say it again – cute and adorable?

I don’t think she is an ISFP, INFP or an ESFP. Drew Barrymore is an ENFP and I’ll tell you why. ISFP’s are a bit more calculated with expression, INFP’s simply don’t have the energy Drew has – watch her interviews. Drew is like a bubble gum machine with every flavor you can think of. An ESFP is a good guess but her head and eye movements have intuition written all over it.

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