Kat Williams Personality Type – ENTP

Kat Williams Personality Type - ENTP
Kat Williams ENTP Personality Type

You know I wanted to write about some other ENTP’s like Astrophysicist “Neil Degrasse Tyson” and actor/comedian “Dave Chapelle” both who have been quite active during the time of this writing, but right now I feel like writing about another interesting ENTP – Mr. Kat Williams.

ENTP’s are easier to spot when performing on stage, debating or simply just sharing a view point which in no exaggeration – is something ENTP’s can do all day compared to the their introvert counterpart the INTP.

Counter arguments, thinking outside the box considering things unconsidered for the ENTP (like the INTP) comes natural due to Ne (hero) + Ti (parent).

A younger Kat Williams can be found doing numerous stand ups (comedy) that is if you’re in the mood for something dynamically raw & almost extraterrestrial, yes something beyond this planet – you will find yourself entering another dimension or parallel universe even (similar to ENFP’s).

Just recently Kat Williams had made an appearance on both Youtube Channel “Club Shay Shay” with Shannon Sharpe

And on the Joe Rogan Experience

While the first show (with Shannon Sharpe) sparked much controversy, I find the interview with Joe Rogan a bit more well rounded in which Ne (Extraverted Intuition) really starts dancing with Joe Rogans’s Se (Extraverted Sensing).

Mind you both Kat and Joe both have Ti as their parent functions & if you listen all the way through, you will find playful sparring between the two.

Joe has Se has the dominant function, you will find Joe describes actual experiences while Kat describes phenomenons as fundamental concepts (Ne).

At times I find myself sprinkles of well reknowned Scottish philosopher “David Hume” (also an ENTP) when I hear Kat Williams (Neil Degrasse Tyson, Dave Chapelle) but of course wrapped in comedic fashion.

Most people have misconceptions about ENTP’s in that they are too scattered with their thoughts, however profound they may be, we find that on the polar opposite spectrum of their cognitive stack is Si (Introverted Sensing), or better described as the “Library of Alexandria” function.

It is Si in ENTP’s which allows them to hoard so much information in memory (much like the ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ESFJ) and even types in the tertiary function (INTP, INFP) not only can store so much information & retrieve them on command.