Chris Pratt Personality Type – ENFP

Chris Pratt Personality Type - ENFP
Chris Pratt ENFP Personality Type


You may know Chris Pratt from sitcom “Parks & Recreation” or some bigger blockbusters like “Jurassic WorldGuardian’s of the Galaxy” – whatever the stage, Chris never seems phased with whatever role he’s given. Known for his charismatic and humorous on-screen presence, successfully transitioning from comedic roles to more action and dramatic parts in various films and television series.

Thanks to (Ne) in ENFP as its primary function, navigating unchartered territory is something this function is adept at.

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Russel Brand Personality Type – ENFP

Russel Brand Personality Type - ENFP
Russel Brand ENFP Personality Type

Yes folks, I went for it. Russel Brand. And whoa, yes I done did it. When I look at Russel Brand, I see an intergalactic explosion, a transcendental phenomena and at times I find my consciousness expanding into new unexplored realms. Yes. Explosion.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek” were my first encounters of Russel. I will have to admit, he struck me as a bit too much and over the top. At first I thought these were just the role requirements, but low and behold, this is Russel Brand 24/7. I mean, just check out his last name – he’s literally the BRAND.

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Shia LaBeouf Personality Type – ENFP

Shia LaBeouf Personality Type - ENFP
Shia LaBeouf ENFP Personality Type


Shia LaBeouf, can I just say “Shy La Buff”? Ok so Shia is an interesting dude, I usually like to write about people who have settled in to themselves, aged and seasoned folks who have a workable timeline I can observe. With Shia though, he’s matured into himself – well not fully but enough personality to grind through.

The sources have come up with INFP, INFJ, and ENFP. I do think Shia is a perceiver not a judger – yeah I know what you’re thinking, I’m breaking my own rule about cognitive functions. When observing dichotomies, what I like to do is feel one’s energy, one’s “vibe” if you will – something a person does long enough it shows. Perceivers have a different way of roaming the earth, you just have to get that vibe.

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Drew Barrymore Personality Type – ENFP

Drew Barrymore Personality Type - ENFP
Drew Barrymore ENFP Personality Type


Drew Barrymore, cute, lovable – she’s a classic in my book. Come on, “E.T” and “Firestarter” are a few of my faves! You will have to go back in time for those, otherwise you may be more familiar with “50 First Dates” or “The Wedding Singer”.

First what the sources say. I’ve seen ISFP, INFP, ESFP and ENFP. Definitely a “P”, perceiver – it’s obvious in how naturally animated she is. You can almost find movements and every part of her face, it’s so free, kind, and I’ll say it again – cute and adorable?

I don’t think she is an ISFP, INFP or an ESFP. Drew Barrymore is an ENFP and I’ll tell you why. ISFP’s are a bit more calculated with expression, INFP’s simply don’t have the energy Drew has – watch her interviews. Drew is like a bubble gum machine with every flavor you can think of. An ESFP is a good guess but her head and eye movements have intuition written all over it.

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