Russel Brand Personality Type – ENFP

Russel Brand Personality Type - ENFP
Russel Brand ENFP Personality Type

Yes folks, I went for it. Russel Brand. And whoa, yes I done did it. When I look at Russel Brand, I see an intergalactic explosion, a transcendental phenomena and at times I find my consciousness expanding into new unexplored realms. Yes. Explosion.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek” were my first encounters of Russel. I will have to admit, he struck me as a bit too much and over the top. At first I thought these were just the role requirements, but low and behold, this is Russel Brand 24/7. I mean, just check out his last name – he’s literally the BRAND.

English comedian, actor, radio host, writer and activist – you’ll see Russel in action on his Youtube Channel and Instagram. Oh I know, I’ve subscribed on both platforms. 5 minutes in you’re in for a spectrum of vibrant colors, a philosophical awakening of some sort and definitely a real feel for who he is. Russel doesn’t hold back which for us personality fanatics – is a good thing. There’s just more to play with.

Alright, if you’ve been holding your breath this long it’s well worth it. The personality typing community is torn between the ENTP and ENFP variants. It’s also caused me to move so sluggishly in writing this post, he seems like a little bit of both. And for people that highly discount personality types, they’ll just say well everyone’s a bit of everything – things aren’t so clear cut. I do agree, but as Hegel and the Ancient philosophers put it – there exists a categorical imperative. One in which has become intertwined with reality and the nature of our very being. Secondly, there are the cognitive functions so let’s take a deeper dive.

For ENTP, the functions are as follows – Ne, Ti, Fe, Si. For ENFPNe, Fi, Te, Si.

Let’s get one thing straight – Russel has that Ne, hence the explosion of colors. But therein lies the clue in within itself, they’re colors. Secondly, both types share Si (Introverted Sensing) – this explains their struggle with maintaining a direction (in thought) and while they may share complex ideas that make sense to them, by the end of it, others most often find themselves perplexed.

I’ve concluded Russel Brand to be an ENFP – it’s the Ne and Te combination that solidified it for me. Throw in the Auxiliary Fi (Introverted Feeling) and you get a personality that will traverse through arbitrary thoughts based heavily on values rather than absolute universal truths. Important to note, Russel Brand never really takes a stance on what is true and what is false leaving that faculty of thought to speculation. However, we do get a feel for what he values and the meaning behind what he attempts to convey to the general audience.

Ne tentacles reach out to the farthest depths of profound thought and novelty of possibilities while value based Fi provides a bedding for meaning. Te attempts to organize this phenomena into some kind of objective process while Si struggles to maintain a sense of direction.

“Sometimes, as a comedian, a line will come to you, that is so beautiful, so perfect, that you think: I did not create this line. This line belongs to all of us. Surely this is a line of God.”

Russel Brand