Brie Larson Personality Type – INFP

Brie Larson Personality Type - INFP
Brie Larson INFP Personality Type


Brie Larson. People need to stop hating on Brie, for serious. I think a lot of Marvel fans were a little put off after watching Brie’s role as Captain Marvel on the big screen. Look I get it, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Let’s be real here, were talking about CAPTAIN MARVEL of the MCU. So I see the super high expectations for Brie. But let’s not disregard her amazing performance in the “Room”, a role I find more fitting for Brie. However, Brie is barely just settling in as Captain Marvel – best we can do is remain optimistic, she has a lot of potential and there is plenty of room to mature and grow. I think if the industry was much more aware of her personality type and cognitive functions, she could really capitalize on her strengths, refine and improve on a few things depending on the role.

On to her personality type – a highly controversial one. Now there’s been a bit of confusion with her type, I’ve seen ENFP, INFP and I could even see a case for ISTJ. For this reason, I wanted to write this post to clear things up. I think the personality typing community is thrown off by Brie’s inclination to be flexible, adaptive and spontaneous – yes, a prominent trait we see in ENFP’s. In interviews, Brie appears to be contained (Introverted Sensing) yet expansive (Extraverted Intuition) and so we are mislead to conclude Brie as an ENFP. This is incorrect and I’ll tell you why.

First things first – Brie is an INFP not an ENFP for the simple fact she is an INTROVERT leaning personality type. Yeah I know many of you think she’s an ENFP but let’s consider the fact that Brie even admits to being an introvert, something ENFP’s don’t take pride in even saying about themselves!

The reason why she casted so well in the “Room” is because of her dominant Fi (Introverted Feeling). In regards to Ne and Si functions, these are both present in INFP and ENFP just arranged in a different order. When playing Captain Marvel though, the INFP’s super-ego – the ISTJ comes out, even in interviews. And so we start seeing a bit of awkwardness in Brie’s mannerisms and micro expressions as rigid. I’ve personally have run into a good handful of INFP’s whom I’ve first typed as ISTJ’s, so this can cause some confusion.

To reiterate, Brie leads with dominant Fi (Introverted Feeling) in INFP NOT Extraverted Intuition (Ne) as seen in ENFP.