Jack Black Personality Type – ENTP

Jack Black Personality Type - ENTP
Jack Black ENTP Personality Type


Today I wanted to write about Jack Black, yeah I know random yet out of the ordinary. Best known for “School of Rock”, “Nacho Libre” and yes, even King Kong – Jack is so fun to watch. My ultimate favorite though is “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny”. Yeah he can be a little quirky, but that’s heavily overshadowed by originality and innate talent – qualities that the ENTP possesses. Yeah, Jack is an ENTP.

Extraverted Intuition is what rules Jack’s stack, the dominant function coupled with Introverted Thinking is a force that comes out as
jokingly intellectual. As opposed to their introverted cousin, the INTP – ENTP’s can get away with being nonchalant, almost making it hard for anyone to take offense from an ENTP. They’re just noticeably funny, novel and at the end of the day may even make you laugh. So then you start thinking, well okay – I’l take the trade.

The versatility and talent in Jack comes from creative freedom, and ENTP’s at a young age start learning this. They know they are visionaries. Any personality type with Ne (extraverted intuition) can be likened to lightning – try catching that energy in a bottle. Lesson of the story, don’t try to contain an ENTP. Don’t enforce rules or regulations on an ENTP – you’ll only deter them from their creative pursuits. For an ENTP happiness is synonymous with this.

Because ENTP’s have Extraverted Feeling sitting on the third slot, Jack may exhibit empathy for the unfortunate – it’s the Fe that allows Jack to play his role in the “School of Rock”. It’s almost innocent and it’s enough juice in the stack to win over an audience.

Last on Jack stack is Introverted Sensing – this has to do with daily upkeep, maintenance and steering their visions in the right direction. This is exemplified in Jack’s style and fashion – rockin’ the long hair and even sometimes the beard. For the ENTP, the idea/concept/vision itself is far more important than the day to day upkeep of things.