Jordan B. Peterson Personality Type – INFJ

Jordan B. Peterson Personality Type - INFJ
Jordan B. Peterson INFJ Personality Type


Jordan B. Peterson, get ready for a read – where do I begin. I guess it would be easier to start by giving you a basic overview because Mr. Peterson is a loaded intellectual of our time – being an intellectual myself, I can quickly go down that rabbit hole. Alright so Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor at Toronto – Peterson came into the scene after the controversy surrounding free speech under Bill C-16. Long story short, Canadian legislature required individuals by law to use preferred gender pronouns (“zee”, “zher”, or basically whatever) – failure to do so would place this individual under prosecution of a hate crime. Just search Jordan B. Peterson on Youtube, grab some pizza and prepare to be intellectually immersed – it’s quite orgasmic. Peterson basically dismantles the entire legislative panel single handedly, all in the name of the first amendment – yeah, freedom of speech.

Loaded intellectual, I know that sounded superfluous – as if being intellectual wasn’t enough. We’ve seen intellectuals scattered about the channels of youtube – but when was the last time you watched an intellectual throw down in the fashion and scale Peterson has. Mind you this all started at a University. I’ve seen some videos criticizing Peterson of being a Marxist himself, untrue. I would agree with Einstein (an INTP) – “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

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