Jackie Chan Personality Type – ESFP

Jackie Chan Personality Type - ESFP
Jackie Chan ESFP Personality Type


The legendary Jackie Chan is a personality we won’t get ever again. Which is why I want to delve in deeper into Jackie’s cognitive functions.

After several months of deliberation and recalling some of my favorite Jackie Chan Kung Fu fighting flicks, interviews and much of his resume, I have concluded Jackie to be the ESFP personality type.

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Robert De Niro Personality Type – ISTJ

Robert De Niro Personality Type - ISTJ
Robert De Nidro ISTJ Personality Type


I often associate Robert De Niro with “Taxi Driver“, “A Bronx Tale and “The Score” just some of my favorite De Niro movies. All movie classics which have aged well spanning several decades, with prolific roles in a wide range of films that showcase his versatility as an actor.

Aside from these involvements, De Niro is up there with the likes of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando which over the years has maintained close friendships with.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Personality Type – ESFP

Leonardo DiCaprio Personality Type - ESFP
Leonardo DiCaprio ESFP Personality Type


Magnetic and absolutely fun to be around, Leonardo DiCaprio is the ESFP in god mode for a lack of a better phrase. Leading with Se (Extraverted Sensing), it is spontaneity and a sense of adventure which makes the ESFP shine through the ages. I haven’t met one ESFP who wasn’t down to try something new, they are the life of the party and rightfully so.

There are way too many great movies to name for this iconic star, but here are a few – “Titanic“, “Blood Diamond“, “Catch me if you can“, “The Revenant“, “Shutter Island” and I’m sure I’ve missed many more, but let’s also not forget another excellent masterpiece “Inception“.

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Matt Damon Personality Type – ISTJ

Matt Damon Personality Type - ISTJ
Matt Damon ISTJ Personality Type

Matt Damon is an ISTJ through and through, though some of his roles may convey a different angle. This is only natural, due to Matt’s way of molding himself into various roles.

Let’s remember ISTJ’s, when given ample time to prepare and measure an end goal can really nail the job, thanks to the diligence of Si, Introverted Sensing which sits as the primary function followed by Te, Extraverted Thinking.

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Jon Bernthal Personality Type – ESTP

Jon Bernthal Personality Type - ESTP
Jon Bernthal ESTP Personality Type


Jon Bernthal wasn’t too difficult to type, perhaps it was his lead role in the Netflix Series “The Punisher” that really amplified his function stack as the ESTP. By the way, Jon Bernthal is almost too perfect for the role as Frank Castle, if you haven’t already watched the series, wow it’s a definite must.

One of his most notable roles is as Shane Walsh in the first two seasons of the popular AMC series “The Walking Dead,” where he portrayed a complex character caught in a post-apocalyptic zombie world.

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Chris Pratt Personality Type – ENFP

Chris Pratt Personality Type - ENFP
Chris Pratt ENFP Personality Type


You may know Chris Pratt from sitcom “Parks & Recreation” or some bigger blockbusters like “Jurassic WorldGuardian’s of the Galaxy” – whatever the stage, Chris never seems phased with whatever role he’s given. Known for his charismatic and humorous on-screen presence, successfully transitioning from comedic roles to more action and dramatic parts in various films and television series.

Thanks to (Ne) in ENFP as its primary function, navigating unchartered territory is something this function is adept at.

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Harrison Ford Personality Type – ISTP

Harrison Ford Personality Type - ISTP
Harrison Ford ISTP Personality Type


Harrison Ford can be quickly mistaken as the the ISTJ as with my original assessment, but as you sift through his resume you will find that Ford’s abilities is that of ISTP (Se) qualities rather than (Si).

Because of Se sits as the parent function for the ISTP, this is what we mostly see – the fluid ability to adapt to different roles and be remembered for such a performance. Some examples include Hans Solo in Star Wars and Indian Jones. Air Force One and The Fugitive are some of my other favorite classics.

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Tom Hardy Personality Type – ISTP

Tom Hardy Personality Type - ISTP
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Tom Hardy ISTP Personality Type


Tom Hardy, who could have better casted as “Bane” in “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012). Better yet, a better “Max” for the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015). Not to mention “The Revenant” and “Warrior“- both excellent choices for movie night.

Alright, I haven’t forgotten about Marvel’s “Venom“. Tom Hardy, does so well in dark movies it seems, villains and anti-heroes, I don’t know maybe it’s the tats and the beard. Grungy, savage beast mode, mysterious, rugged seems to be Tom Hardy’s default – a tad bit menacing, maybe a little depending on the mood.

Tom Hardy is a highly debated personality type and when you do your research, there isn’t much to go by. He seems guarded with a lot of unknowns – we can only go by his interviews, movies and some informational stuff on Wikipedia. One things for sure though, Tom Hardy is an SP user. In personality speak, that means he is sensory perceiving leaning. Extraverted Sensing, I would say this shines more than any other function on his stack.

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