Chris Pratt Personality Type – ENFP

Chris Pratt Personality Type - ENFP
Chris Pratt ENFP Personality Type


You may know Chris Pratt from sitcom “Parks & Recreation” or some bigger blockbusters like “Jurassic WorldGuardian’s of the Galaxy” – whatever the stage, Chris never seems phased with whatever role he’s given. Known for his charismatic and humorous on-screen presence, successfully transitioning from comedic roles to more action and dramatic parts in various films and television series.

Thanks to (Ne) in ENFP as its primary function, navigating unchartered territory is something this function is adept at.

Beneath all that Ne and Te (Extraverted Thinking) as its child function, or should I say sandwiched between is Fi, Introverted Feeling.

This keeps both the Hero and child function at bay as with many other functions, I find the parent function to be more noticeable especially in one’s career.

Fi parent can be bold in such cases, Pratt is open about his Christian faith and his strong family values. He often speaks about the importance of his family and the positive impact of faith in his life.

“I would not be here with the ease and grace I have in my heart without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Chris Pratt