Harrison Ford Personality Type – ISTP

Harrison Ford Personality Type - ISTP
Harrison Ford ISTP Personality Type


Harrison Ford can be quickly mistaken as the the ISTJ as with my original assessment, but as you sift through his resume you will find that Ford’s abilities is that of ISTP (Se) qualities rather than (Si).

Because of Se sits as the parent function for the ISTP, this is what we mostly see – the fluid ability to adapt to different roles and be remembered for such a performance. Some examples include Hans Solo in Star Wars and Indian Jones. Air Force One and The Fugitive are some of my other favorite classics.

The ISTP is endowed with the ability to be adaptive thanks to Se, is mostly what we see on the big screen. However the Ti (Introverted Thinking) primary function found in ISTP is the main driver, which gives the ISTP a sense of control and clear sights of its thresholds.

Extra fun fact, Ford is an experienced pilot and is passionate about aviation.

Finally we see (Fe) Extraverted Feeling make its appearance from time to time – it’s that laugh Ford gives after smooth stunt.

To me, success is choice and opportunity.

Harrison Ford