Taylor Swift Personality Type – ESFJ

Taylor Swift Personality Type - ESFJ
Taylor Swift ESFJ Personality Type


You don’t need to be a “Swiftie” to recognize talent when you see it. Some of my Swift song faves include “Cruel Summer“, “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood“. She has so much variety in her music thanks to (Ne), the child function for the ESFJ provides never ending exploration.

Taylor Swift is renowned for her songwriting skills. She has written numerous chart-topping songs, many of which are autobiographical and draw from her personal experiences. Her lyrics often explore themes of love, heartbreak, friendship, and personal growth.

Taylor Swift continues onto announcing the release of her first concert film – THE ERAS TOUR. Swifties across the world who missed Taylor in concert can now experience Taylor on the big screen (AMC theaters).

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