Lex Fridman Personality Type – INFJ

Lex Fridman Personality Type - INFJ
Lex Fridman INFJ Personality Type


Lex Fridman has been under my radar for some months if not some years and it’s time I evaluate Lex’s personality type – the INFJ.

Researcher, scientist, writer – if you do get invited on his podcast be prepared to converse about a wide array of topics – from science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power.

Yes we can say INFJ’s have dominant intuition followed by Fe empathy powers, but it’s that Ti (child) were interested in. Lex has excellent awareness of it, his PhD in Computer Science is a huge part of it. I myself have run across INFJ’s who weren’t necessarily programmers but dabbled with code enough to understand its concepts quite quickly.

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Marty Byrde Personality Type ESTJ + Wendy Byrde Personality Type INFJ on Ozark

Marty Byrde Personality Type ESTJ + Wendy Byrde Personality Type INFJ on Ozark
Marty Byrde ESTJ Personality Type
Wendy Byrde INFJ Personality Type

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Dynamic Duo – Marty ESTJ + Wendy INFJ

Ozark the Netflix series doesn’t need an intro, the series is pure engagement right from episode 1.

On to the dynamic duo…

Marty Byrde can easily be mistakened as an ESTP due to his action oriented, here and now quick thinking abilities. However, it is not Se that we see, it is actually Te in ESTJ that is always active and scanning the world for objectivity. ESTJ’s child function or third function Ne – Extraverted Thinking allows for Marty to scan for multiple possibilities. Further we see Parental Si (Introverted Sensing) in Marty, which makes him dutiful and responsible in watching out for his family, though not what were used too in the traditional sense.

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Morgan Freeman Personality Type – INFJ

Morgan Freeman Personality Type - INFJ
Morgan Freeman INFJ Personality Type


I like writing about seasoned types – those that’s lived life and have settled into their personalities. Morgan Freeman is one of them.

I’m a big fan. Movies like “Glory”, and “Shawshank Redemption” wouldn’t be memorable classics if it weren’t for Morgan Freeman. And those voice overs – Morgan Freeman is also well known for his voice and tone delivery. It makes you just want to stop what you’re doing and listen in – at times, you aren’t so drawn in by the content as you are just listening to Morgan Freeman’s soothing calm reassuring voice. It isn’t too strong but strong enough – I think this is what Hollywood saw. Alright enough with the intro, let’s talk about what the sources say about Freeman’s personality type. Yeah, that was a little abrupt but I’m a little excited to dig in.

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Jordan B. Peterson Personality Type – INFJ

Jordan B. Peterson Personality Type - INFJ
Jordan B. Peterson INFJ Personality Type


Jordan B. Peterson, get ready for a read – where do I begin. I guess it would be easier to start by giving you a basic overview because Mr. Peterson is a loaded intellectual of our time – being an intellectual myself, I can quickly go down that rabbit hole. Alright so Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor at Toronto – Peterson came into the scene after the controversy surrounding free speech under Bill C-16. Long story short, Canadian legislature required individuals by law to use preferred gender pronouns (“zee”, “zher”, or basically whatever) – failure to do so would place this individual under prosecution of a hate crime. Just search Jordan B. Peterson on Youtube, grab some pizza and prepare to be intellectually immersed – it’s quite orgasmic. Peterson basically dismantles the entire legislative panel single handedly, all in the name of the first amendment – yeah, freedom of speech.

Loaded intellectual, I know that sounded superfluous – as if being intellectual wasn’t enough. We’ve seen intellectuals scattered about the channels of youtube – but when was the last time you watched an intellectual throw down in the fashion and scale Peterson has. Mind you this all started at a University. I’ve seen some videos criticizing Peterson of being a Marxist himself, untrue. I would agree with Einstein (an INTP) – “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

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