Morgan Freeman Personality Type – INFJ

Morgan Freeman Personality Type - INFJ
Morgan Freeman INFJ Personality Type


I like writing about seasoned types – those that’s lived life and have settled into their personalities. Morgan Freeman is one of them.

I’m a big fan. Movies like “Glory”, and “Shawshank Redemption” wouldn’t be memorable classics if it weren’t for Morgan Freeman. And those voice overs – Morgan Freeman is also well known for his voice and tone delivery. It makes you just want to stop what you’re doing and listen in – at times, you aren’t so drawn in by the content as you are just listening to Morgan Freeman’s soothing calm reassuring voice. It isn’t too strong but strong enough – I think this is what Hollywood saw. Alright enough with the intro, let’s talk about what the sources say about Freeman’s personality type. Yeah, that was a little abrupt but I’m a little excited to dig in.

So a lot of sources actually type Freeman as an “ENFJ”. I can see a strong case for this, he does exhibit functions of the “ENFJ”. However, I disagree here – Morgan Freeman is an “INFJ” and I’ll tell you why.

For “ENFJ’s”, it is extraverted feeling that rules. However for the “INFJ”, it is introverted intuition (Ni). INFJ’s are a bit more focused in speech – seasoned INFJ’s can express an aura of wisdom. You can hear it, see it and you feel it when engaging with a mature INFJ.

INFJ’s go with their internalized intuition when navigating through their environments – both internal and external, but more on the internal side. The obvious is just too obvious for them, and this inspires them to dig in deeper into the unknown, slowly like introverted thinkers (Ti), they build an internalized catalog of patterns, systems and memories they can reference. However for the INFJ’s, they have a gift for “feeling” things – this is something INTPs lack. This is a powerful gift, I have seen it with Ne users – they can not only provide multi dimensional insight but tap into others beyond the realm of logic.

Yes this holds true for the ENFJ as well – I have heard ENFJ’s, seasoned ones eloquently deliver a word of sound advice. However, for the INFJ – they differ in delivery. Not to knock ENFJ’s down, but a a majority of ENFJ’s seek recognition for their sound advice. This may sound selfish for the ENFJ – but this is only because ENFJ’s want to gain more connections. They want to be heard this way. The INFJ on the other hand, this is not so much of a big deal. The INFJ places emphasis in the person they are engaging with.