Stephen Colbert Personality Type – INFP

Stephen Colbert Personality Type - INFP
Stephen Colbert INFP Personality Type


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert had some pretty big shoes to fill and that he did, carrying on the torch after David Letterman left the set back in 2015. Colbert and his humble beginnings included “The Daily Show” hosted by Jon Stewart where he moved on to hosting his own show known as the “The Colbert Report“.

One of my favorite segments on the “Colbert Report” was yes, you guessed it – “Truthinews”. Witty, entertaining and intellectually light on the heart – if that makes any sense. I think it’ll make sense later, so read on.

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Brie Larson Personality Type – INFP

Brie Larson Personality Type - INFP
Brie Larson INFP Personality Type


Brie Larson. People need to stop hating on Brie, for serious. I think a lot of Marvel fans were a little put off after watching Brie’s role as Captain Marvel on the big screen. Look I get it, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Let’s be real here, were talking about CAPTAIN MARVEL of the MCU. So I see the super high expectations for Brie. But let’s not disregard her amazing performance in the “Room”, a role I find more fitting for Brie. However, Brie is barely just settling in as Captain Marvel – best we can do is remain optimistic, she has a lot of potential and there is plenty of room to mature and grow. I think if the industry was much more aware of her personality type and cognitive functions, she could really capitalize on her strengths, refine and improve on a few things depending on the role.

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Jon Snow Personality Type – INFP

Jon Snow Personality Type - INFP
Jon Snow INFP Personality Type


Jon Snow. Probably one if not my favorite character from Game of Thrones. Seasons over so there will definitely be some spoilers here – so tune in and binge if you haven’t yet. I’ve been wanting to type Jon Snow for a while now. There’s been a lot of confusion circulating the internet about Jon’s personality type. I’ve seen ISFP, INFJ, INTJ and yes even ENTJ. Just seems like typing fanatics have given up here saying well… Jon has no type.

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