Jon Snow Personality Type – INFP

Jon Snow Personality Type - INFP
Jon Snow INFP Personality Type


Jon Snow. Probably one if not my favorite character from Game of Thrones. Seasons over so there will definitely be some spoilers here – so tune in and binge if you haven’t yet. I’ve been wanting to type Jon Snow for a while now. There’s been a lot of confusion circulating the internet about Jon’s personality type. I’ve seen ISFP, INFJ, INTJ and yes even ENTJ. Just seems like typing fanatics have given up here saying well… Jon has no type.

Probably the most asked question on Google is – “is Jon snow Targaryen or a Stark?”. If you’ve finished the entire GoT season you know that Jon Snow is Targaryen AND a Stark. But I’m not going to go through Jon Snow’s origins here – if you’re curious about that then you can go Google Jon Snow’s entire family tree. I’m not saying this is irrelevant, but it does obviously play a key factor in how Jon deals with both conflict, power, and decision making.

Let me just give you the right answer here – Jon Snow is an INFP. Jon Snow was never interested in taking the throne (though he was next in line for it). Jon Snow started with the Night’s Watch and he was perfectly content ending his journey with the Night’s watch. INFP’s (like INTP’s) don’t really have the desire to lead or follow. If presented with the opportunity to lead however, they would gladly take the position but not for the sake of power and fame. The INFP will protect and serve – and if need be, even sacrifice their lives for something they believe in. We’ve seen many epic moments where Jon is willing to lay his life down for the greater good. Let’s not forget Jon did take position as King of the North.

Introverted Feeling (Fi) rules Jon’s primary function followed by Extraverted Intuition (Ne). Try watching the entire season over if you’re that curious – Jon ends up making Fi decisions throughout his entire journey while navigating with Ne. Whatever happens next is pretty much fair game, but that’s where Tyrion Lannister comes into the mix. I’ll cover Tyrion in another post but Jon gets Introverted Thinking (Ti) support from Tyrion, these two mesh well and become a powerful duo in the later episodes.

Perhaps many are misled with Jon’s strategic leadership abilities – thinking maybe Jon is an ENTJ. INFP’s aren’t particularly interested in an audience nor do they starve much praise as ENTJ’s do. Some think Jon is an ISFP, I do see a case for this but Jon spends so much time in deep thought. This is not to say ISFP’s don’t have this trait, ISFP’s are just so much quicker to react and take action.

I personally liked Jon’s ending in GoT and wasn’t disappointed at all. INFP’s are often mistaken for being passive and soft – so I think this assessment clears that up. INFP’s are willing to fight to the death for a cause and to be a master at any craft they’ve chosen.

Jon bitterly quotes Maester Aemon from years ago:

“”Love is the death of duty.”

Jon Snow

Jon Snow chooses (Si) child over (Fi) in this case, where Si child takes command over the hero, which sometimes results from what’s known as the Si/Fi loop and Ne (parent) / Te (inferior) decides John’s fate.

Jon Snow Personality Type - INFP
Jon Snow in Game of Thrones