Kevin Costner Personality Type – ISFP

Kevin Costner Personality Type - ISFP
Kevin Costner ISFP Personality Type


Kevin Costner isn’t an easy personality type to nail down, this curiosity made me want to dig into Kevin’s function stack. I reflected on his acting career and movies made – for me it was “Dances with Wolves”, “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves” and “WaterWorld” to name a few. Oh yeah of course there’s “Body Guard” with Whitney Houston. Come to think of it there isn’t a Kevin Costner movie I didn’t like.

So, one thing that screams out for sure though is that Kevin
is definitely a sensory, not an intuitive type. I don’t know what it is – that homey down to earth feel? I went back further to his earlier interviews as a young star, and now I see why he has ISFP written all over his function stack.

Kevin’s primary function is Introverted Feeling (Fi) followed by Extraverted Sensing (Se). You take a look at Kevin’s origins, you find that he was involved with music, sports (baseball) and yeah, even NASCAR. You combine that with his successful acting career and you get both Fi and Se dancing around beautifully.

ISFP’s care about their landscape and there isn’t any around, they’ll capture it or create it. They wouldn’t stop there though – they’ll tend to it and make it a masterpiece.

“You just do the things that you love and see if other people can like them too.”

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner in the Bodyguard