Jack Black Personality Type – ENTP

Jack Black Personality Type - ENTP
Jack Black ENTP Personality Type


Today I wanted to write about Jack Black, yeah I know random yet out of the ordinary. Best known for “School of Rock”, “Nacho Libre” and yes, even King Kong – Jack is so fun to watch. My ultimate favorite though is “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny”. Yeah he can be a little quirky, but that’s heavily overshadowed by originality and innate talent – qualities that the ENTP possesses. Yeah, Jack is an ENTP.

Yeah, if you checked out the video above – only an ENTP would cross his legs in a child like manner on a live talk show.

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Robert Downey Jr. Personality Type – ENTP

Robert Downey Jr Personality Type - ENTP
Robert Downey Jr. ENTP Personality Type


Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Are we talking about
Tony Stark or the personality in question? Or are they one in the same? By this time it’s really hard to separate the two, Robert Downey Jr. might as well be Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. Who better to wear the armor of Iron Man than Robert Downey Jr. himself. Let’s not forget, he totally owned it playing Sherlock Holmes.

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Ryan Reynolds Personality Type – ENTP

Ryan Reynolds Personality Type - ENTP
Ryan Reynolds ENTP Personality Type


Ryan Reynolds is an easy one to type although some sources give ESTP as being a possibility, I think he’s an ENTP. These two types are a bit like INFP and INTP (and many others), two types that are so close it’s hard to tell which is what. It really boils down to a lot of factors and if you’re a linguist typing might actually be something you might want to get into. There’s a lot of reading to do.

Ryan is a likeable dude – he’s in the likes of Chris Pratt and Robert Downey Jr (both ENTP’s). ENTP’s are a tough one to dislike, the kind of trouble or mischief they get into or create is a bit different than that of an ESTP. ENTP’s are comical, funny, quick witted intellectuals – the mad scientist type so don’t let Ryan’s dashing good looks fool you.

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