Andrew Tate Personality Type – ENTP

Andrew Tate Personality Type - ENTP
Andrew Tate ENTP Personality Type


Andrew Tate has gotten a lot of buzz lately all over social media he’s hard not to notice.

From former kickboxer to social media influencer, Tate is known for his controversial views on gender roles, relationships, success, and self-improvement.

When it comes to typing Tate, I’m sure you’ve thought the same – Tate is a mixed bag ranging from ESTP, ENTJ and ENTP.

I can see why the general consensus may consider ESTP and ENTJ to be reasonable candidates, why is it whenever “Alpha Male” is brought up these personalities come to mind?

Incorrect, Andrew Tate is an ENTP. Andrew Tate has excellent command of Ti, ENTP’s parent function which is mostly what people see (as with any other personality type). If it’s anyone that’s an ENTJ, it’s his younger brother – Tristan Tate. What a duo though, imagine that an ENTP and an ENTJ – what a force to be reckoned with.

For example, for the INTP it is Ne (Extraverted Intuition) we see most often, while Ti (Ego) is running in the background.

Ok back to the ENTP, when observing Tate in debates (and extremely heated ones I might add) – it is Ti logic laying down the hammer while Ne (ego) is scanning for holes in his logic. As a result Tate never fails to make his stance known in a consistent way, leaving his adversaries wanting more to mainly poke around some more.

Tate is known for his provocative and often offensive statements, particularly regarding gender roles and relationships. He has been criticized for his misogynistic and controversial views, which many argue perpetuate harmful stereotypes and toxic masculinity.

“You are exactly where you deserve to be. Change who you are and you will change how you live.”

Andrew Tate

Now THAT is an ENTP (not an ESTP nor an ENTJ)

Andrew Tate & Tristan Tate an ENTJ