Kat Williams Personality Type – ENTP

Kat Williams Personality Type - ENTP
Kat Williams ENTP Personality Type

You know I wanted to write about some other ENTP’s like Astrophysicist “Neil Degrasse Tyson” and actor/comedian “Dave Chapelle” both who have been quite active during the time of this writing, but right now I feel like writing about another interesting ENTP – Mr. Kat Williams.

ENTP’s are easier to spot when performing on stage, debating or simply just sharing a view point which in no exaggeration – is something ENTP’s can do all day compared to the their introvert counterpart the INTP.

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Lex Fridman Personality Type – INFJ

Lex Fridman Personality Type - INFJ
Lex Fridman INFJ Personality Type


Lex Fridman has been under my radar for some months if not some years and it’s time I evaluate Lex’s personality type – the INFJ.

Researcher, scientist, writer – if you do get invited on his podcast be prepared to converse about a wide array of topics – from science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power.

Yes we can say INFJ’s have dominant intuition followed by Fe empathy powers, but it’s that Ti (child) were interested in. Lex has excellent awareness of it, his PhD in Computer Science is a huge part of it. I myself have run across INFJ’s who weren’t necessarily programmers but dabbled with code enough to understand its concepts quite quickly.

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Vivek Ramaswamy Personality Type – ENTJ

Vivek Ramaswamy Personality Type - ENTJ
Vivek Ramaswamy ENTJ Personality Type


The year is 2023 and an entrepreneur by the name of Vivek Ramaswamy has stepped into the presidential race for 2024 – as a Republican candidate that if successful will first have to go head on against Donald Trump (ESTP).

Vivek claims he has “the legs” (his words) to run for office and his involvement with social media & podcast, his online presence has grown exponentially. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does take it, you see Vivek is the ENTJ and for this type, where there is a will (Ni parent) there is a way (Te Hero).

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Jackie Chan Personality Type – ESFP

Jackie Chan Personality Type - ESFP
Jackie Chan ESFP Personality Type


The legendary Jackie Chan is a personality we won’t get ever again. Which is why I want to delve in deeper into Jackie’s cognitive functions.

After several months of deliberation and recalling some of my favorite Jackie Chan Kung Fu fighting flicks, interviews and much of his resume, I have concluded Jackie to be the ESFP personality type.

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Mariah Carey Personality Type – ESFJ

Mariah Carey Personality Type - ESFJ


Mariah Carey, All I want is Christmas is You that’s if you aren’t with Nick Cannon, was the last I remember Mariah was with. Today I want to type Mariah Carey and indeed she is the ESFJ personality type.

In all seriousness though, All I want is Christmas is You is one of her top hits, still a modern day classic – Infectious rhythms that captures the joy and excitement of the holiday spirit. With its nostalgic and celebratory vibes, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has become a beloved holiday anthem for fans at every corner of the word.

Other hits include “Daydream,” “Music Box,” and her self-titled debut earning her numerous awards, including multiple Grammys.

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Robert De Niro Personality Type – ISTJ

Robert De Niro Personality Type - ISTJ
Robert De Nidro ISTJ Personality Type


I often associate Robert De Niro with “Taxi Driver“, “A Bronx Tale and “The Score” just some of my favorite De Niro movies. All movie classics which have aged well spanning several decades, with prolific roles in a wide range of films that showcase his versatility as an actor.

Aside from these involvements, De Niro is up there with the likes of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando which over the years has maintained close friendships with.

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Steve Jobs Personality Type – ISTP

Steve Jobs Personality Type - ISTP
Steve Jobs ISTP Personality Type

First off, typing Steve Jobs was no easy task – this is due to the stereotypes surrounding CEO, leader types which is usually associated with ENTJ’s. Which is what most people in the personality typing communities have Steve Jobs as.

But this is all incorrect, Steve Jobs in an ISTP. Don’t be fooled, take the time to examine and observe Steve’s cognition and mannerisms. If you’re in to micro expressions, look at his face – I don’t see ENTJ, that’s all ISTP taking Apple to the top from iPads, iPhones to our favorite Macbooks.

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Judy Sheindlin Personality Type – ESTJ

Judy Sheindlin Personality Type - ESTJ
Judy Sheindlin ESTJ Personality Type

Judy Sheindlin, popularly known as “Judge Judy” is the ESTJ personality type endowed with a super razor sharp tongue and the hammer of justice. It seems every ESTJ carries these two things with ease with a whip to compliment its commanding style. You’ll get a lash for every opportunity given, that’s if you’re a slow responder – ESTJ’s aren’t for the faint of heart.

Getting down to the bottom of things, ESTJ’s are excellent troubleshooters when things simply need to get done – making Judy the perfect fit for a judge. Leave the hard decision making to the ESTJ, progress over perfection is what comes to mind when I think of the ESTJ.

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Larry Page Personality Type – INTP

Larry Page INTP Personality Type


It all started in a garage in Menlo Park, California, two INTP brainiacs by the name of Larry Page and Sergey Brin began working on what has become the largest, widely used Search Engine in the world – Google.

Yes Sergey is also an INTP, what a powerhouse given both are powered by Ti (Introverted Thinking).

If Google were a personality type, it too would be an INTP. INTP is behind the scenes, but able to expand itself to every corner of the world using it’s mind (Ti), building the future (Extraverted Intuition) data driven (Introverted Sensing) and achieving Fe (Extraverted Feeling) by ultimately changing reality as we know it.

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