Judy Sheindlin Personality Type – ESTJ

Judy Sheindlin Personality Type - ESTJ
Judy Sheindlin ESTJ Personality Type

Judy Sheindlin, popularly known as “Judge Judy” is the ESTJ personality type endowed with a super razor sharp tongue and the hammer of justice. It seems every ESTJ carries these two things with ease with a whip to compliment its commanding style. You’ll get a lash for every opportunity given, that’s if you’re a slow responder – ESTJ’s aren’t for the faint of heart.

Getting down to the bottom of things, ESTJ’s are excellent troubleshooters when things simply need to get done – making Judy the perfect fit for a judge. Leave the hard decision making to the ESTJ, progress over perfection is what comes to mind when I think of the ESTJ.

ESTJ’s are driven by Te (Extraverted Thinking) and Si (Introverted Sensing) are its two strongest functions. Ne (Extraverted Intution) and (Introverted Feeling) sit third and fourth, which for most ESTJ’s start coming out in later years, they seem to gravitate to a higher calling beyond what Te could provide.

Judge Judy is known for her quick wit, tough demeanor, and direct communication style. She often dispenses blunt and often humorous advice or criticisms to the litigants involved, earning her a reputation as a no-nonsense, tough-love judge.

“I can’t stand stupid, and I can’t stand slow.”

Judge Judy

Can’t get any more ESTJ then this.