Steve Jobs Personality Type – ISTP

Steve Jobs Personality Type - ISTP
Steve Jobs ISTP Personality Type

First off, typing Steve Jobs was no easy task – this is due to the stereotypes surrounding CEO, leader types which is usually associated with ENTJ’s. Which is what most people in the personality typing communities have Steve Jobs as.

But this is all incorrect, Steve Jobs in an ISTP. Don’t be fooled, take the time to examine and observe Steve’s cognition and mannerisms. If you’re in to micro expressions, look at his face – I don’t see ENTJ, that’s all ISTP taking Apple to the top from iPads, iPhones to our favorite Macbooks.

Every now and then, an ISTP comes rolling around wrapped in different flavors of innovator, inventor, pioneer – visionary.

Steve Jobs didn’t do it alone though, Steve Wozniak (ENTP), popularly known as “The Woz” was mostly responsible for building the product together with Paul Allen (INTP). That’s a lot of Ti (introverted thinking) and very much needed.

It is mostly Se (Extraverted Sensing) which is responsible for making that dent in the universe. For Steve, Ni child (Introverted Intuition) plays well with it’s primary function Ti (Introverted Thinking) which I would say is mostly responsible for what makes sense for the masses (Fe) Extraverted Feeling and the will power to follow through.

Due to Ti ‘s (Introverted Thinking) need for accuracy and precision, Jobs was known for his obsession with design and perfection. He was deeply involved in the design and development of Apple products, focusing on even the smallest details to create a seamless user experience.

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the nonsuccessful ones is pure perseverance.”

Steve Jobs