Mariah Carey Personality Type – ESFJ

Mariah Carey Personality Type - ESFJ


Mariah Carey, All I want is Christmas is You that’s if you aren’t with Nick Cannon, was the last I remember Mariah was with. Today I want to type Mariah Carey and indeed she is the ESFJ personality type.

In all seriousness though, All I want is Christmas is You is one of her top hits, still a modern day classic – Infectious rhythms that captures the joy and excitement of the holiday spirit. With its nostalgic and celebratory vibes, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has become a beloved holiday anthem for fans at every corner of the word.

Other hits include “Daydream,” “Music Box,” and her self-titled debut earning her numerous awards, including multiple Grammys.

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Taylor Swift Personality Type – ESFJ

Taylor Swift Personality Type - ESFJ
Taylor Swift ESFJ Personality Type


You don’t need to be a “Swiftie” to recognize talent when you see it. Some of my Swift song faves include “Cruel Summer“, “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood“. She has so much variety in her music thanks to (Ne), the child function for the ESFJ provides never ending exploration.

Taylor Swift is renowned for her songwriting skills. She has written numerous chart-topping songs, many of which are autobiographical and draw from her personal experiences. Her lyrics often explore themes of love, heartbreak, friendship, and personal growth.

Taylor Swift continues onto announcing the release of her first concert film – THE ERAS TOUR. Swifties across the world who missed Taylor in concert can now experience Taylor on the big screen (AMC theaters).

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Jack Black Personality Type – ENTP

Jack Black Personality Type - ENTP
Jack Black ENTP Personality Type


Today I wanted to write about Jack Black, yeah I know random yet out of the ordinary. Best known for “School of Rock”, “Nacho Libre” and yes, even King Kong – Jack is so fun to watch. My ultimate favorite though is “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny”. Yeah he can be a little quirky, but that’s heavily overshadowed by originality and innate talent – qualities that the ENTP possesses. Yeah, Jack is an ENTP.

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Demi Moore Personality Type – ISTP

Demi Moore Personality Type - ISTP
Demi Moore ISTP Personality Type


Demi Moore, too many movies to list here but a few of my faves are “Ghost” and “A Few Good Men”. My first hunch was actually an ISTJ – I like to shoot for an educated guess before I check out what the sources say, I’m usually very close and mostly right. I was one letter off and I do agree with what most sources say – Demi is an ISTP.

Introverted thinking rules an ISTP but it’s the passenger seat (auxiliary function) that really takes over for ISTP’s. With Demi, extraverted sensing is what we see most of the time – she doesn’t look like the idle type and if she is, well then she’s digesting information (introverted thinking). Demi likes to do her deep thinking on her toes, yeah ISTP’s can do that.

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Patrick Swayze Personality Type – ENFJ

Patrick Swayze Personality Type - ENFJ
Patrick Swayze ENFJ Personality Type


I’m a big fan of Patrick Swayze movie classics from “Dirty Dancing”, “Point Break”, “The Outsiders” and “Ghost”. Patrick is always a fun one to watch there’s no doubt about that.

Extraverted feeling rules Patrick’s function stack, a fluid and versatile ENFJ needs vast open space to really thrive – ENFJ’s need some space to roam and interact with their environment. Patrick can dance, sing, surf, skydive altogether with his dashing good looks, this ENFJ is the full package.

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Michael Jackson Personality Type ISFP

Michael Jackson Personality Type - ISFP
Michael Jackson ISFP Personality Type


Typing Michael Jackson is a huge undertaking – he’s got such vast timeline of memorable performances, interviews and songs I grew up with. There are way too many classics to name here but just to name a few – “Beat it”, “Billie Jean” and “I’ll be there” were a few of my faves (a few? no I didn’t mean a few, way too many to name as mentioned). I even enjoyed watching his movies – “Moonwalker” and if you’ve been around long enough – “Captain EO”.

Okay, let’s get to it and jot down what we do know. Michael is an I, x, F, P. That “x” placeholder is a huge question mark, sources are split down the middle between an INFP and an ISFP. I’ve been swinging back and forth with the two possibilities myself.

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Beyonce Knowles Personality Type – ESFP

Beyonce Knowles Personality Type - ESFP
Beyonce Knowles ESFP Personality Type


When I think of Beyonce Knowles, I think of “All the single ladies, all the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies.” While you may be cringing at how corny that intro was, I’m actually highlighting Beyonce’s lyrical delivery more than just mere repetition of words. It’s tough to separate that familiar Beyonce tone (a sexy one I might add) with certain lyrics – they’re solid, simple statements and they cut to the core. It’s true that ESFP’s are commonly known as Entertainers but let’s remember that when they do, they have a message to send.

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