Demi Moore Personality Type – ISTP

Demi Moore Personality Type - ISTP
Demi Moore ISTP Personality Type


Demi Moore, too many movies to list here but a few of my faves are “Ghost” and “A Few Good Men”. My first hunch was actually an ISTJ – I like to shoot for an educated guess before I check out what the sources say, I’m usually very close and mostly right. I was one letter off and I do agree with what most sources say – Demi is an ISTP.

Introverted thinking rules an ISTP but it’s the passenger seat (auxiliary function) that really takes over for ISTP’s. With Demi, extraverted sensing is what we see most of the time – she doesn’t look like the idle type and if she is, well then she’s digesting information (introverted thinking). Demi likes to do her deep thinking on her toes, yeah ISTP’s can do that.

When thinking of ISTP’s I think of input (introverted thinking) and output (extraverted sensing). Doing this for a long time can make you look mechanical in facial expression and in body movement. ISTP’s are a tough one to decipher for females, since we almost always associate thinkers with males – you have to really dive deep into ones eyes and in one’s smile and throw gender out of the picture. They’re also just that – tough, don’t expect a weakling.

Demi dropped out out of high school at 16 years old to pursue an acting career – ISTP’s like to pave their own way, find their own path. Like INTP’s (also introverted thinking dominant), ISTP’s like to build models and machines, in a concrete manner. At times we can see ISTP’s become the model or machine themselves – self sustaining cyborgs. Not saying Demi is a cyborg or an android for that matter – but you can kind of see it slightly in her stares, when she’s a bit lost in thought.

“GI Jane” is an interesting choice for Demi and so was “Strip Tease”, these came out in her laters years. You really get to see Demi release her sensory side (extraverted sensing), Demi likes to get physical – Demi requires a full range of motion, Demi wants to push her body to its limits. You also don’t want to piss an ISTP off, they respond quickly without hesitation – chances are they’ll act first and think about it later. A lot of ISTP’s get into martial arts for this reason (Legendary Martial Artist, Bruce Lee, an ISTP).

“You have to acknowledge a problem exists before you can actually go about finding a solution.”

Demi Moore