Patrick Swayze Personality Type – ENFJ

Patrick Swayze Personality Type - ENFJ
Patrick Swayze ENFJ Personality Type


I’m a big fan of Patrick Swayze movie classics from “Dirty Dancing”, “Point Break”, “The Outsiders” and “Ghost”. Patrick is always a fun one to watch there’s no doubt about that.

Extraverted feeling rules Patrick’s function stack, a fluid and versatile ENFJ needs vast open space to really thrive – ENFJ’s need some space to roam and interact with their environment. Patrick can dance, sing, surf, skydive altogether with his dashing good looks, this ENFJ is the full package.

One may really mistake Patrick for being a sensory type, extraverted feeling can really give off this vibe. But let’s not forget ENFJ’s are interactive creatures, they are very in touch with the world and the people around them. This reciprocal process is what inspires ENFJ’s and we can see this kind of charisma in Patrick.

ENFJ’s can hold their ground in solo’s as well as well as pair up with other types very well (Keanu, an ISFP in “Point Break”). ENFJ’s prefer to inspire, to experience first hand and get everything they can in a shared moment. With Patrick, this is the kind of energy we get – they have a natural talent for engaging you and taking you along for the ride.

“There’s just something about dance. It’s like a primal thing in all of us.”

Patrick Swayze