Kat Williams Personality Type – ENTP

Kat Williams Personality Type - ENTP
Kat Williams ENTP Personality Type

You know I wanted to write about some other ENTP’s like Astrophysicist “Neil Degrasse Tyson” and actor/comedian “Dave Chapelle” both who have been quite active during the time of this writing, but right now I feel like writing about another interesting ENTP – Mr. Kat Williams.

ENTP’s are easier to spot when performing on stage, debating or simply just sharing a view point which in no exaggeration – is something ENTP’s can do all day compared to the their introvert counterpart the INTP.

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Eddie Murphy Personality Type – ESTP

Eddie Murphy Personality Type - ESTP
Eddie Murphy ESTP Personality Type


Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy is back, for how long who knows but his recent comeback on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and “Coming 2 America” (a sequel to the original Coming to America) exceeded my expectations. If anything it was refreshing to see some old school talent totally crush it.

Some of my other all time faves are “Beverly Hills Cop“, “48 Hours“, “Another 48 hours“, “Dr. Doolittle“, yeah even “Norbit” are some of my all time faves. Eddie Murphy took a break from showbiz for a long while though and his return to the big stage made me want to dig into his personality type.

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Jim Carrey Personality Type – ENTJ

Jim Carrey Personality Type - ENTJ
Jim Carrey ENTJ Personality Type


Dumb and Dumber“, “Ace Ventura“, “Saturday Night Live“, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“, yeah I know I can’t list all of them here, but you get the point. Jim Carrey brings his talent to the table, no matter what the character nor the script, Jim Carrey is game. “Capable” wouldn’t do this personality type any justice, so read on and I’ll tell you what that is.

“Relentless” would probably be more fitting, after all were talking about the ENTJ here. Jim Carrey, an ENTJ – no not an ESFP or an ENTP but a relentless ENTJ, with that dominating, Te we call Extraverted Thinking.

Look I know what you’re thinking, An ENTJ? Not the jovial entertaining ESFP or the intergalactic creative ENTP? Yeah, Jim Carrey is an ENTJ. ENTJ’s aren’t always the CEO, Entrepreneur, Top Executive, Director types. ENTJ’s can be whoever they want, a perfect type to be when you’re Jim Carrey.

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Stephen Colbert Personality Type – INFP

Stephen Colbert Personality Type - INFP
Stephen Colbert INFP Personality Type


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert had some pretty big shoes to fill and that he did, carrying on the torch after David Letterman left the set back in 2015. Colbert and his humble beginnings included “The Daily Show” hosted by Jon Stewart where he moved on to hosting his own show known as the “The Colbert Report“.

One of my favorite segments on the “Colbert Report” was yes, you guessed it – “Truthinews”. Witty, entertaining and intellectually light on the heart – if that makes any sense. I think it’ll make sense later, so read on.

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Jimmy Fallon Personality Type – ESFP

Jimmy Fallon Personality Type - ESFP
Jimmy Fallon ESFP Personality Type


It’s about time I write about Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” are some of his notable achievements. I took a quick gander at Wikipedia, and it was Tina Fey who said, quote “He’s one of two people I’ve ever seen who was completely ready to be on the show.” Coupled with what I already know about Jimmy Fallon – his show is packed with so much entertainment, music and laughs. Guests are fully engaged on his show, the participating factor in of itself is attention grabbing.

Alright on to Jimmy’s personality type. I’m pretty solid on my assessment, but would like to mention I could see a case for ENTP or ENFP. But I see more sensory expressed in how Jimmy carries himself, let alone the way he engages with his guests and audience. It’s the in the moment, experience given that really shines for Jimmy. The scattered versatility sprinkled about, most of which are sensory from mimicking, popular impressions and fun activities that reveal how relentless Jimmy is. It’s that Se, Extraverted Sensing element that keeps reaching, ever ready for anything reached for. With the exception of stars, based on one of Jimmy famous quotes –

Don’t keep reaching for the stars because you’ll just look like an idiot stretching that way for no reason.

Jimmy Fallon
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Jack Black Personality Type – ENTP

Jack Black Personality Type - ENTP
Jack Black ENTP Personality Type


Today I wanted to write about Jack Black, yeah I know random yet out of the ordinary. Best known for “School of Rock”, “Nacho Libre” and yes, even King Kong – Jack is so fun to watch. My ultimate favorite though is “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny”. Yeah he can be a little quirky, but that’s heavily overshadowed by originality and innate talent – qualities that the ENTP possesses. Yeah, Jack is an ENTP.

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Russel Brand Personality Type – ENFP

Russel Brand Personality Type - ENFP
Russel Brand ENFP Personality Type

Yes folks, I went for it. Russel Brand. And whoa, yes I done did it. When I look at Russel Brand, I see an intergalactic explosion, a transcendental phenomena and at times I find my consciousness expanding into new unexplored realms. Yes. Explosion.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek” were my first encounters of Russel. I will have to admit, he struck me as a bit too much and over the top. At first I thought these were just the role requirements, but low and behold, this is Russel Brand 24/7. I mean, just check out his last name – he’s literally the BRAND.

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Kevin Hart Personality Type – ESFJ

Kevin Hart Personalty Type - ESFJ
Kevin Hart ESFJ Personality Type


We need more people like Kevin Hart. I forgot what year it was, but I remember stumbling on one of his stand up comedy shows. High energy and extremely fluid in his delivery – I don’t know what he did but he found a way to relate his comedy bits with the masses, including myself. Kevin Hart is literally everywhere nowadays from podcasts, movies, tv shows. For some reason he’s always hanging out with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), I guess they have really good chemistry. I’ll have to cover The Rock in a future post.

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Joe Rogan ESTP and Elon Musk INTP Round 2

Joe Rogan ESTP and Elon Musk INTP Round 2
Joe Rogan ESTP Personality Type
Elon Musk INTP Personality Type

Joe Rogan ESTP and Elon Musk INTP go for Round 2

The first time around I wasn’t all too impressed actually, it felt like these two were just warming up. Personality fanatics (for a lack of a better word), were really unsure whether Elon Musk was an INTP or an INTJ. In round 2 though, we really get to see Ti, Ne, Si and Fe come out. Joe does a great job with parental Ti and challenges Elon with it.

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Joe Rogan Personality Type – ESTP

Joe Rogan Personality Type - ESTP
Joe Rogan ESTP Personality Type


Well first of all – sorry Joe Rogan this was the only photo I could pull due to copywright’s and all and I didn’t just want to snag a photo off your instagram.

So this post is an update actually, I learned over time that Joe is an ESTP and NOT an ENTP. Yeah I know, rookie mistake. Joe neutralizes conversations with his guests using dominant Se, Extraverted Sensing  – taking turns and reacting to guest cues. This fuels what he’s aspires to do which is Ni, Introverted Intuition, a deep understanding on the subject. We’ve seen it come out many times during his podcast.

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