Jimmy Fallon Personality Type – ESFP

Jimmy Fallon Personality Type - ESFP
Jimmy Fallon ESFP Personality Type


It’s about time I write about Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” are some of his notable achievements. I took a quick gander at Wikipedia, and it was Tina Fey who said, quote “He’s one of two people I’ve ever seen who was completely ready to be on the show.” Coupled with what I already know about Jimmy Fallon – his show is packed with so much entertainment, music and laughs. Guests are fully engaged on his show, the participating factor in of itself is attention grabbing.

Alright on to Jimmy’s personality type. I’m pretty solid on my assessment, but would like to mention I could see a case for ENTP or ENFP. But I see more sensory expressed in how Jimmy carries himself, let alone the way he engages with his guests and audience. It’s the in the moment, experience given that really shines for Jimmy. The scattered versatility sprinkled about, most of which are sensory from mimicking, popular impressions and fun activities that reveal how relentless Jimmy is. It’s that Se, Extraverted Sensing element that keeps reaching, ever ready for anything reached for. With the exception of stars, based on one of Jimmy famous quotes –

Don’t keep reaching for the stars because you’ll just look like an idiot stretching that way for no reason.

Jimmy Fallon

Sounds silly but Jimmy Fallon’s parent child Fi is really looking out for you, by keeping you, the audience entertained, engaged, silly at times and feeling happy about it all.

Yeah, dominant Se followed by Introverted Feeling, Fi Tertiary (parent) function – the ESFP. No not the ESTP, but the ESFP. Jimmy controls the mood of his show with Fi, and this is why sometimes I think people notice a “fake laugh” from Jimmy. I think he uses it as a neutralizer.

After Fi, we get the eternal child – Te, Extraverted Thinking. Sometimes the child can be private, only coming out with people they are completely comfortable with. I don’t see this come out much with Jimmy though, perhaps more active behind the set. Or better put, organizing the set, scheduled, the logistics of running the show. Extraverted Thinking is also adept at anticipating a process that may follow, in Jimmy case – capitalizing on process oriented games shows, trivia and the sort.

The last cognitive function on Jimmy stack is Ni, Introverted Intuition. I do see this function manifest itself just based simply on who Jimmy is a – charming entertainer. It’s hard to see the meaning in that, but to have your own show with your name on it says a great deal. It takes keen navigation through the reactions of people to earn your place on the big screen.