Steve Jobs Personality Type – ISTP

Steve Jobs Personality Type - ISTP
Steve Jobs ISTP Personality Type

First off, typing Steve Jobs was no easy task – this is due to the stereotypes surrounding CEO, leader types which is usually associated with ENTJ’s. Which is what most people in the personality typing communities have Steve Jobs as.

But this is all incorrect, Steve Jobs in an ISTP. Don’t be fooled, take the time to examine and observe Steve’s cognition and mannerisms. If you’re in to micro expressions, look at his face – I don’t see ENTJ, that’s all ISTP taking Apple to the top from iPads, iPhones to our favorite Macbooks.

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Harrison Ford Personality Type – ISTP

Harrison Ford Personality Type - ISTP
Harrison Ford ISTP Personality Type


Harrison Ford can be quickly mistaken as the the ISTJ as with my original assessment, but as you sift through his resume you will find that Ford’s abilities is that of ISTP (Se) qualities rather than (Si).

Because of Se sits as the parent function for the ISTP, this is what we mostly see – the fluid ability to adapt to different roles and be remembered for such a performance. Some examples include Hans Solo in Star Wars and Indian Jones. Air Force One and The Fugitive are some of my other favorite classics.

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Tom Hardy Personality Type – ISTP

Tom Hardy Personality Type - ISTP
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Tom Hardy ISTP Personality Type


Tom Hardy, who could have better casted as “Bane” in “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012). Better yet, a better “Max” for the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015). Not to mention “The Revenant” and “Warrior“- both excellent choices for movie night.

Alright, I haven’t forgotten about Marvel’s “Venom“. Tom Hardy, does so well in dark movies it seems, villains and anti-heroes, I don’t know maybe it’s the tats and the beard. Grungy, savage beast mode, mysterious, rugged seems to be Tom Hardy’s default – a tad bit menacing, maybe a little depending on the mood.

Tom Hardy is a highly debated personality type and when you do your research, there isn’t much to go by. He seems guarded with a lot of unknowns – we can only go by his interviews, movies and some informational stuff on Wikipedia. One things for sure though, Tom Hardy is an SP user. In personality speak, that means he is sensory perceiving leaning. Extraverted Sensing, I would say this shines more than any other function on his stack.

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Tom Cruise Personality Type – ISTP

Tom Cruise Personality Type - ISTP
Tom Cruise ISTP Personality Type


I’m a big fan of Tom Cruise and if you’re an 80’s kid it’s likely you are too. But it’s also likely you’re take on Tom has shifted since the days of “Top Gun”, “Risky Business”, “The Outsiders” and “A Few Good Men”. Most people nowadays remember Tom the scientologist – his interviews on Oprah and a few others got many thinking where the old Tom has gone. Yet we still appreciate movies like “Mission Impossible”, “War of the Worlds”, “Oblivion”, and “The Last Samurai”. I’m not ashamed to admit – I actually really liked “Far and Away”. As we shall see though, Tom’s personality timeline provides hints, Tom the scientologist actually makes it easier to get to know Tom.

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Demi Moore Personality Type – ISTP

Demi Moore Personality Type - ISTP
Demi Moore ISTP Personality Type


Demi Moore, too many movies to list here but a few of my faves are “Ghost” and “A Few Good Men”. My first hunch was actually an ISTJ – I like to shoot for an educated guess before I check out what the sources say, I’m usually very close and mostly right. I was one letter off and I do agree with what most sources say – Demi is an ISTP.

Introverted thinking rules an ISTP but it’s the passenger seat (auxiliary function) that really takes over for ISTP’s. With Demi, extraverted sensing is what we see most of the time – she doesn’t look like the idle type and if she is, well then she’s digesting information (introverted thinking). Demi likes to do her deep thinking on her toes, yeah ISTP’s can do that.

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