Joe Rogan Personality Type – ESTP

Joe Rogan Personality Type - ESTP
Joe Rogan ESTP Personality Type


Well first of all – sorry Joe Rogan this was the only photo I could pull due to copywright’s and all and I didn’t just want to snag a photo off your instagram.

So this post is an update actually, I learned over time that Joe is an ESTP and NOT an ENTP. Yeah I know, rookie mistake. Joe neutralizes conversations with his guests using dominant Se, Extraverted Sensing  – taking turns and reacting to guest cues. This fuels what he’s aspires to do which is Ni, Introverted Intuition, a deep understanding on the subject. We’ve seen it come out many times during his podcast.

If you’ve been following Joe since his early MMA days, you’ll see mostly Se, Extraverted Sensing. But that parent Ti and inferior Ni is coming out moreso in his podcasts as he engages through a sequence(Ti) of topics with a guest and then provide his (Ni) insight on the matter.  (Whoa a total run on sentence, yeah I know).