Jason Bateman Personality Type – ESTJ

Jason Bateman Personality Type - ESTJ
Jason Bateman ESTJ Personality Type


Jason Bateman, I really like this guy – dude has talent. I wasn’t even aware he was in a lot of shows I really liked back in the 80s like “Silver Spoons”, “Little House on the Prairie”, “The Hogan Family” then fast forward to “Juno”, “Arrested Development” and “Ozark”.

I’ve seen sources say Jason is “ENTP” or an “INTJ” and I disagree. I could not find one source that concluded what I think he is and I was a little surprised. I don’t see “ENTP”, however I do see a case for “INTJ”, but I don’t see “Introverted Intuition” being Jason’s dominant function – you can see it his interviews and his acting.

I’ve concluded that Jason is an ESTJ and I’ll tell you why. Now INTJs and ESTJ actually share a common function – that’s Extraverted Thinking. So I can see why people might type Jason as an INTJ. Except for ESTJ’s, Extraverted Thinking is the dominant function – and I see this in Jason’s facial expressions, feedback and reactions.

Extraverted Thinking just like any other function that’s well matured and seasoned, is a powerful function. They are more likely quick on their toes and have an easier time digesting visible constructs that surround them. In communication, ESTJ’s are informative but concise, direct and pragmatic.

ESTJ’s also have a distinct way of making eye contact, it’s a serious look – be prepared to provide some serious insight with an ESTJ if you’d like to have your special place with one. They are likely to hold their end of the bargain, make sure you do as well – sustain this and you’ve shaken hands well with an ESTJ.

Couple this with the auxiliary function, Introverted Sensing and we get a show like “Ozark”, a masterpiece of a show directed by Jason Bateman himself. Jason plays “Marty Byrde”, whom I also believe to be an ESTJ so it makes sense. “ESTJ’s” are often labeled as “The Guardian” and a lot of people can take this lightly – “Guardian’s” are extremely resilient and deliberate. When you use your natural inclinations and turn it into a career, you get a Jason Bateman – an ESTJ, a kick ass “Guardian”.

“I feel sympathy for anybody that is living a very high-profile life right now. The media is ten times the size it was when I was a little guy, you know. Plus everybody’s got a camera. If you make a mistake, people are going to know about it really fast – and I was making a ton of them when I was a kid.”

Jason Bateman