Jordan B. Peterson Personality Type – INFJ

Jordan B. Peterson Personality Type - INFJ
Jordan B. Peterson INFJ Personality Type


Jordan B. Peterson, get ready for a read – where do I begin. I guess it would be easier to start by giving you a basic overview because Mr. Peterson is a loaded intellectual of our time – being an intellectual myself, I can quickly go down that rabbit hole. Alright so Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor at Toronto – Peterson came into the scene after the controversy surrounding free speech under Bill C-16. Long story short, Canadian legislature required individuals by law to use preferred gender pronouns (“zee”, “zher”, or basically whatever) – failure to do so would place this individual under prosecution of a hate crime. Just search Jordan B. Peterson on Youtube, grab some pizza and prepare to be intellectually immersed – it’s quite orgasmic. Peterson basically dismantles the entire legislative panel single handedly, all in the name of the first amendment – yeah, freedom of speech.

Loaded intellectual, I know that sounded superfluous – as if being intellectual wasn’t enough. We’ve seen intellectuals scattered about the channels of youtube – but when was the last time you watched an intellectual throw down in the fashion and scale Peterson has. Mind you this all started at a University. I’ve seen some videos criticizing Peterson of being a Marxist himself, untrue. I would agree with Einstein (an INTP) – “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Jordan’s public work? Jordan has released a few books, namely “12 Rules for Life” and “Maps and Meaning” – I personally have digested this – yeah digested, it’s quite verbose but justified. I am quickly reminded of my college days, from sociology, philosophy and psychology. I found myself going back to the classics – from the Bible, Neitzhe, George Orwell, Carl Jung, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and other intellectuals, Jordan references the classics very frequently in his debates. Jordan also hosts a podcast and has had some of the most interesting debates I have seen in a very long time – both formal and informal, rehearsed and unrehearsed, scripted and unscripted – yeah you name it. I was looking for something like this, Jordan warrants a collective conscience that’s been socially dormant for a very long time.

On to Jordan’s personality type – you know, at first I typed Peterson as an INTP or an ENTP. More specifically, the philosophical IQ of these types. I’ve watched over a dozen of Peterson’s videos from debates, interviews and podcasts – Peterson was actually on Joe Rogan’s podcast, now that was interesting dialogue. When you see Joe Rogan (an ESTP) carrying that wide eyed, stunned look of intrigued paralysis from a guest dialogue – you’re in for a great awakening. After observing this intellectual type I’ve concluded Peterson to be an INFJ. Now, people usually associate thinkers with intellectuals but this is caused by a lack of understanding when it comes to cognitive functions.

I’ll tell you why Mr. Peterson is an INFJ. First off INFJ’s are quite rare compared to other types, so you don’t usually run into a Peterson. I myself have had some pretty profound conversations with intellectual INFJ’s and there really is no warming up – they get into it once they open their mouths, INFJ’s are extremely calm though. They offer a great deal of insight in almost anything they say, they are thorough, this is valuable. It is introverted intuition that is the main driver for INFJ’s – this is some powerful insight or what one would call, intellectual wisdom. Introverted intuition allows Peterson to connect the dots, find connections and articulate them in deliberate fashion – Peterson is extremely careful with words, an adept linguist if you will.

There is an interview where Peterson is asked about whether he believed in God – Jordan replied with “What do you mean by believe?” At first I found his reply to be a little hollow – but his response had me enthralled and compelled to dive in deeper into the fundamentals of linguistics. Petersons reply is completely justified. That is why in most interviews, Peterson is almost impenetrable when it comes to logical debates. One can only imagine the observational and historical data Peterson has stored deep within his intellectual archives – referencing them at will, yeah thanks to introverted intuition.

Mr. Peterson is a feeler not a thinker (well of course he’s a thinker too, you know what I mean). In Peterson’s passenger seat or secondary function is “Extraverted Feeling” – this function directly engages with the public and in a large scale. When it comes to being a “Judger” vs being a “Perceiver” – judgers tend to be a little more conclusive in their propositions – intended or not. I’m pretty stoked an INFJ like Peterson has emerged into today’s media platform. As much as Peterson detests political correctness and banter, his voice invokes critical thinking among the masses. As opposed to being lazy indoctrinated consumers of information. It is my opinion we all have been misled and misinformed by the political media – Peterson encourages individuals to carefully think for themselves and draw their own conclusions, I like this. INFJ’s provide a framework for delightful conversation – we totally needed this.