Kevin Hart Personality Type – ESFJ

Kevin Hart Personalty Type - ESFJ
Kevin Hart ESFJ Personality Type


We need more people like Kevin Hart. I forgot what year it was, but I remember stumbling on one of his stand up comedy shows. High energy and extremely fluid in his delivery – I don’t know what he did but he found a way to relate his comedy bits with the masses, including myself. Kevin Hart is literally everywhere nowadays from podcasts, movies, tv shows. For some reason he’s always hanging out with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), I guess they have really good chemistry. I’ll have to cover The Rock in a future post.

Kevin Hart’s personality type is an ESFJ – Dominant Extraverted Feeling (Fe), Auxiliary Introverted Sensing (Si), Tertiary Extraverted Intuition (Ne) and Inferior Introverted Thinking (Ti). Deep down, Kevin Hart is someone who genuinely wants to make a difference in the world. Whether it’s through standup and making people laugh, being involved in the community or personally providing wise words of advice – it’s Extraverted Feeling that allows for this powerful presence.

However, we see Ti (Introverted Thinking) together with Ne (Extraverted Intuition) really come out in several podcasts (Joe Rogan Experience Podcast). Openly sharing his personality discoveries (Ne) which can serve as universal truths (Ti) for the good of the community (Fe) all stored in his life experiences (Si). This is a bit like the INTP personality type, except the function stack is in reverse order. With ESFJ’s – they’re actually out there in the field doing something. With INTP’s however, most of their work manifests itself in their work, invention or pioneering a new idea.

I find that ESFJ’s with mature Ne and Ti are not only balanced individuals but have a wealth of experience to share with others that they themselves have likely experienced. However, this occurs only later in life.

Kevin Hart describes this process (Joe Rogan’s Podcast) like opening doors you’re not supposed to open. It’s that Introverted Sensing in ESFJ’s that seeks to exhaust experiences, whether good or bad – and then helping those who may be going through the same thing (Fe).