Bobby Axelrod Personality Type – ENTJ

Bobby Axelrod Personality Type - ENTJ
Bobby Axelrod ENTJ Personality Type


Bobby Axelrod, CEO of Axe Capital. I’ve seen forums type Bobby as ENTP but for me this is a no brainer – Bobby is a solid personality type, ENTJ. Dominant Extraverted Thinking (Te) and Auxiliary Introverted Intution (Ni).

It’s that Introverted Intuition (Ni) we see in Bobby that allows him to penetrate, improvise and will through difficult obstacles. Then that powerful hero function Te locks everything in place. There’s a cool scene of Bobby meditating, that’s Ni navigating and Te structuring these patterns and concepts in place. He’s got a lot to keep track of.

Risk taker, competitive for the sake of competition. Bobby loves the game – tertiary Se (Extraverted Sensing) gets super playful and we see bits of these scattered throughout. ENTJ’s like to look good, keep fit.

Bobby does have some blind spots though and that’s where psychiatrist Wendy Rhoades comes in, I’ll cover her personality type in a future post. Stay tuned.