Joe Rogan ESTP and Elon Musk INTP Round 2

Joe Rogan ESTP and Elon Musk INTP Round 2
Joe Rogan ESTP Personality Type
Elon Musk INTP Personality Type

Joe Rogan ESTP and Elon Musk INTP go for Round 2

The first time around I wasn’t all too impressed actually, it felt like these two were just warming up. Personality fanatics (for a lack of a better word), were really unsure whether Elon Musk was an INTP or an INTJ. In round 2 though, we really get to see Ti, Ne, Si and Fe come out. Joe does a great job with parental Ti and challenges Elon with it.

Joe Rogan’s (ESTP) inferior Ni run’s wild here, I definitely noticed it. Joe oscillate’s up and down his cognitive stack with some really interesting questions. Joe’s tertiary Fe considerations for mankind, Ni questions about the future really get’s Elon to exercise his cognitive stack simultaneously. We see Elon’s dominant Ti do it’s thing here.

Elon’s Ne (no eye contact) scans about looking for data stored in his tertiary Si then circles back to confident Ti and then makes bold eye contact. Joe oscillate’s yet again back to Ti and Ni but is no match for Elon’s Ti.

Elon does have a weakness though and that’s Se, which is Joe’s dominant (hero) function, super powerful hence the jiu jitsu skills. Elon uses Si to tell of his past experiences with martial arts.

I think Joe’s auxiliary Ti made for a good challenger for Elon and that inferior Ni gave Elon a few surprises. I think these two are beginning to settle in, I didn’t think this podcast would do so well considering their function stacks. Their functions are so developed, they can play and be serious at real time which makes for an exciting conversation.