Michael Jackson Personality Type ISFP

Michael Jackson Personality Type - ISFP
Michael Jackson ISFP Personality Type


Typing Michael Jackson is a huge undertaking – he’s got such vast timeline of memorable performances, interviews and songs I grew up with. There are way too many classics to name here but just to name a few – “Beat it”, “Billie Jean” and “I’ll be there” were a few of my faves (a few? no I didn’t mean a few, way too many to name as mentioned). I even enjoyed watching his movies – “Moonwalker” and if you’ve been around long enough – “Captain EO”.

Okay, let’s get to it and jot down what we do know. Michael is an I, x, F, P. That “x” placeholder is a huge question mark, sources are split down the middle between an INFP and an ISFP. I’ve been swinging back and forth with the two possibilities myself.

More established sources have it down solid that Michael is an ISFP. So I went back in time to his younger days, back to “Jackson 5” and began my journey to observe Michael’s personality. Yes, Michael has gone through some physical transformations but if you watch and listen closely Michael is really the same old Michael we know.

I’ve concluded myself that Michael is an ISFP, though one can claim he has an “INFP” vibe about him. I can see an argument for INFP known for being an idealist, a perfectionist in matters that they are very passionate about. But what made me decide otherwise was Michael’s ability to express his feelings on stage. Yes INFP’s can do this too, but ISFP’s have a way of capturing almost every emotion (in great detail) and transforming that into something we can see. For Michael, he was that transformation, he was literally a walking piece of art.

INFP’s and ISFP’s both share the same dominant function – introverted feeling. It is introverted feeling that navigates the ship and we can all see this with Michael. On the passenger seat however it’s a little different – for the ISFP the auxiliary function is extraverted sensing and for the INFP it is extraverted intuition. If you were to need one function more than the other up on the big stage it would definitely be extraverted sensing not extraverted intuition.