Elon Musk Personality Type – INTP

Elon Musk Personality Type - INTP
Elon Musk INTP Personality Type


I’ve been itching to write a post about Elon Musk for a while now. Particularly because there’s been so much buzz circulating this what people call “The Tony Stark” of this modern age. From Tesla, to Solar City to Spacex – this guy has his hands in everything. Let’s not forget about HyperLoop, a bullet train that said to transport humans from San Diego to San Francisco in roughly an hours time.

Elon is an interesting character to cover, he’s up there with the Jobs and Zuckerbergs of our time.

With much popularity comes much controversy and criticism we all know this. But this is a good thing for getting to know Elon, I found a good amount of interviews and had the chance to observe his mannerisms, body language – just about anything to decipher his personality type.

Now sources online is pretty split down the middle with Elon, it boils down to INTJ vs INTP. This is one of the tougher ones, I took some time to analyze the details.

I can see an argument for INTJ and I can really spend my time explaining why here. But there’s something unsettling about this conclusion, because well… he’s not an INTJ, but an INTP. Let me tell you why. Explaining this can’t be merely done by comparing Elon with Mark Zuckerberg (INTJ), which is what most people do in their attempts. To really gauge Elon’s type you have to dig in deep into how questions are answered, what movements he’s making and eye contact. You also need to observe its contents and its direction.

Now if were to compare Elon with Zuckerberg, there’s are some equal similarities and differences. They’re both heavy NT users (intuitive thinkers) and both introverts though Elon seems to have more content. I have observed that INTJ’s and INTP’s are both friendly folks but INTP’s are a little bit more childlike and welcoming in conversation especially when covering a topic they are passionately interested in – the INTP will keep going. The INTJ on the other hand has both the beginning and the end closed off, a closure if you will in her/his sentences.

If you let Elon talk, he’ll keep going unless interrupted – go watch a few interviews. He’ll answer a question, look up to see if you have any feedback, if nothing is said he’ll likely carry on. One might argue that INTP’s will eventually stop talking, well ofcourse – that’s with any human being. But when you have digested as much information as Elon has, it’s only natural that an INTP will continue its output. This is a well matured introverted thinking function.

Now if were to just dissect and put Elon under a microscope, we can see that introverted thinking dominates his stack moreso than introverted intuition. With Elon this can be seen with eye contact, meaning he only engages eye contact for the reason that you’re there to look at but his main focus is in what he is thinking.

Now most of you would think this is rude, but for an INTP providing a thorough answer takes precendence over acknowledging your existence. This is something INTP’s do when intensely navigating through thoughts – they look away and process information then output that information with eye contact. Not acknowledging your existence? Hey don’t that too literally, for a thinker the obvious is exactly what it is – the obvious. What to think however – isn’t much so.

Next, the way he dresses. Yes it is true INTJ’s and INTP’s don’t care much for fashion especially males – but for Elon you will notice some solid colors, basic collar tees, pretty plain. INTP’s have a lot to think about and thinking about what to wear isn’t one of them. It would be easier to set up a wardrobe with clothing that will always work for any situation. Elon has other things to think about like figuring out the live on the planet Mars.

Finally, Elon’s interest in Space, Electric Cars and Solar Panels aren’t just independent innovations – they’re all connected. For the INTP, everything is connected.

No, not an INTJ, Te would engage and refuse to do this live on air. Only an INTP would take a hit on Joe Rogan lol. Not to mention, buy Twitter and call it “X”.

Elon Musk on 60 Minutes about his visions not being well received. Fe (cry), aspirations. Elon is INTP.

NOT INTJ. If anything, Elon has excellent command of his shadow function – the ENTJ.