Drew Barrymore Personality Type – ENFP

Drew Barrymore Personality Type - ENFP
Drew Barrymore ENFP Personality Type


Drew Barrymore, cute, lovable – she’s a classic in my book. Come on, “E.T” and “Firestarter” are a few of my faves! You will have to go back in time for those, otherwise you may be more familiar with “50 First Dates” or “The Wedding Singer”.

First what the sources say. I’ve seen ISFP, INFP, ESFP and ENFP. Definitely a “P”, perceiver – it’s obvious in how naturally animated she is. You can almost find movements and every part of her face, it’s so free, kind, and I’ll say it again – cute and adorable?

I don’t think she is an ISFP, INFP or an ESFP. Drew Barrymore is an ENFP and I’ll tell you why. ISFP’s are a bit more calculated with expression, INFP’s simply don’t have the energy Drew has – watch her interviews. Drew is like a bubble gum machine with every flavor you can think of. An ESFP is a good guess but her head and eye movements have intuition written all over it.

With that being said, extraverted intuition is Drew’s dominant function – this can be seen in the way she carries herself. She seems to be just taking things as they come, of course this isn’t too noticeable in movies but in interviews. A classic example of this was her tripping over the Johnny Carson show, intuitives aren’t very aware of their surroundings – they are way too entertained with connecting things within and they smile doing it.

Intuitives especially extraverted ones are more fluid therefore leaving room for being a little clumsy, but they know this. Drew Barrymore like most ENFP’s are the kind of folks you want to have open ended conversations with, whether for mere entertainment sake and yes, even intellectual. ENFP’s are flexible personalities.