Donald Trump Personality Type – ESTP

Donald Trump Personality Type - ESTP
Donald Trump ESTP Personality Type


Yes, I have decided to write a post on Donald Trump. I’ve been around since the 80’s and to really get a good typing on anyone you’ve got to spend a good bit of time with them. For celebrities and big names out there we can’t exactly do that – so we instead watch history unfold over time. See, you have to go back in time, personality typing is a dynamic process. It isn’t a static snapshot.

For all you leftists out there don’t get butt hurt about this post, I’ll cover Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on another post so stay tuned for that. It’ll be interesting coverage.

Online sources are confident on Donald’s personality typeESTP, and I agree. I’ve seen ESFJ being a possibility, I can see an argument for this. But ESFJ’s are way too emotionally attached to a cause to the point of being its embodiment. For ESTP’s, they are a bit more detached and can reattach themselves as needed. Hence, that “T” in “ESTP”. Improvising comes natural with this type – the “P” in “ESTP”.

Donald Trump is an opportunist in every way you can possibly imagine. If you ever read his book “The Art of the Deal”, that’s all you really hear – don’t expect a slow story. ESTP’s are fast paced and if you have one on your team, expect a challenge. ESTP’s are attractive for the same reasons they are disliked. You add social media in the mix and you get a clear picture of Donald’s work. It doesn’t have to be Donald Trump but any ESTP would have done something quite similar – perhaps not in the magnitude Donald has done but in the same pattern. All with very little effort.

Go back in time and watch Donald’s interviews – you’ll see a young ESTP making headlines and stamping his name on his very own building – Trump Tower. With ESTP’s, there isn’t much one should invest in observing body language or facial expression – it can all be gathered through dialogue. How question’s are answered, statements being made, ESTP weigh heavy on content, whether it’s offensive or not – chances are most of it is. But this isn’t important to the ESTP.

Donald’s dominant function is extraverted sensing and when you have that as your dominant function, get ready for real time execution. Some people aren’t really used to this and may find this a little offensive, depending on the context.

After Donald’s extraverted thinking comes introverted thinking, it’s called auxiliary but for some people that aren’t too informed about cognitive functions I just called it secondary. Think of this function being the passenger seat and the dominant function being the driver. There isn’t anything theoretical or abstract with this pairing and for Donald, it’s all pretty concrete. “Make America Great Again” – it’s straightforward, easy to remember and to the point.

But let’s not forget it’s not Donald who came up with this slogan (a slight variant, but basically the same) but Ronald Reagan back in 1980. Reagan himself is a sensory himself, just thought I throw in an easter egg. Stay tuned for my coverage on Ronald Reagan.