Beyonce Knowles Personality Type – ESFP

Beyonce Knowles Personality Type - ESFP
Beyonce Knowles ESFP Personality Type


When I think of Beyonce Knowles, I think of “All the single ladies, all the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies.” While you may be cringing at how corny that intro was, I’m actually highlighting Beyonce’s lyrical delivery more than just mere repetition of words. It’s tough to separate that familiar Beyonce tone (a sexy one I might add) with certain lyrics – they’re solid, simple statements and they cut to the core. It’s true that ESFP’s are commonly known as Entertainers but let’s remember that when they do, they have a message to send.

A lot of sources point to ESFP when typing Beyonce, I will have to agree on this. Other sources say ISFJ – I can see this but let’s be honest with ourselves here – ‘Electrifying’ isn’t exactly associated with an ISFJ, and Beyonce is nothing less than that. For sure.

A lot of personality type fanatics like to isolate each letter like it’s own function, but if you’ve studied cognitive functions long enough you know that each letter is interrelated, thus producing a function stack.

In this case, Beyonce’s dominant function is extraverted sensing, that “In the moment” energy. Types with this dominant function is keen to what is seen, smelled, touched, heard and tasted. How does this relate to Beyonce? Well each time we watch a flawless performance given by Beyonce, we see an extraordinary moment stamped in time. In the process, Beyonce fuses her impeccable sensory skills on stage – we see a refined product, a refined performance. I’d like to attribute these characteristics to the “E” and the “S” in ESFP.

The “F” and the “P” in “ESFP” for Beyonce can be seen on stage, but even more so on interviews where we are able to see facial expressions we don’t see as much on stage. In performances where Beyonce is displaying a tightly contained choreograph, it’s easy how one can perceive Beyonce as a “J”.

After examining a few of her interviews though I was able to hear that open ended flair, it was mainly in her laugh and let’s not forget about that enormous smile – it looks and sounds untamed. If she were in a room by herself I think she would let her self go to be honest.

I get nervous when I don’t get nervous. If I’m nervous I know I’m going to have a good show.

Beyonce Knowles