Tucker Carlson Personality Type – ENTP

Tucker Carlson ENTP Personality Type


I remember the time Tucker Carlson was always on Fox News hosting the segment called “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

At first glance, one would think Tucker would land more as a “J” or “S” type, it’s crazy how personalities can be wrapped just playing the script we don’t get a feel for who they really are. And even then of course, what we experience isn’t exactly what is perceived.

Fortunately for us, we have an ENTP to keep us entertained.

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Ben Shapiro Personality Type – ESTJ

Ben Shapiro Personality Type - ESTJ
Ben Shapiro ESTJ Personality Type


Where would debates be without Mr. Ben Shapiro, go find one circulating around the interwebs, you can thank me later.

I watched a debate at some University I won’t forget where a student from a socialist stance brought forth the idea that factories need workers to construct a pencil. Ben replied back with a more capitalistic point of view that a factory and its employees won’t even exist without an entrepreneur / employer having to take risks to provide the pencil factory in the first place. Very ESTJ if you ask me, but let’s dive in some more shall we.

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Andrew Tate Personality Type – ENTP

Andrew Tate Personality Type - ENTP
Andrew Tate ENTP Personality Type


Andrew Tate has gotten a lot of buzz lately all over social media he’s hard not to notice.

From former kickboxer to social media influencer, Tate is known for his controversial views on gender roles, relationships, success, and self-improvement.

When it comes to typing Tate, I’m sure you’ve thought the same – Tate is a mixed bag ranging from ESTP, ENTJ and ENTP.

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Candace Owens Personality Type – ESFJ

Candace Owens Personality Type - ESFJ
Candace Owens ESFJ Personality Type


Candace Owens has been under my radar lately, due to her frequent appearances in several podcasts and commentating events. I was just compelled to figure out her personality type as I mulled over really only two possibilities – ESTJ or ESFJ?

The quick answer to that is the latter, Candace Owens is an ESFJ. Though I do see the argument for ESTJ, Fe (Extraverted Feeling) in ESFJ embraces Ethics when it comes to Candace Owens in how she articulates her stance on various controversial topics.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Personality Type – ESFP

Leonardo DiCaprio Personality Type - ESFP
Leonardo DiCaprio ESFP Personality Type


Magnetic and absolutely fun to be around, Leonardo DiCaprio is the ESFP in god mode for a lack of a better phrase. Leading with Se (Extraverted Sensing), it is spontaneity and a sense of adventure which makes the ESFP shine through the ages. I haven’t met one ESFP who wasn’t down to try something new, they are the life of the party and rightfully so.

There are way too many great movies to name for this iconic star, but here are a few – “Titanic“, “Blood Diamond“, “Catch me if you can“, “The Revenant“, “Shutter Island” and I’m sure I’ve missed many more, but let’s also not forget another excellent masterpiece “Inception“.

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Matt Damon Personality Type – ISTJ

Matt Damon Personality Type - ISTJ
Matt Damon ISTJ Personality Type

Matt Damon is an ISTJ through and through, though some of his roles may convey a different angle. This is only natural, due to Matt’s way of molding himself into various roles.

Let’s remember ISTJ’s, when given ample time to prepare and measure an end goal can really nail the job, thanks to the diligence of Si, Introverted Sensing which sits as the primary function followed by Te, Extraverted Thinking.

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Jon Bernthal Personality Type – ESTP

Jon Bernthal Personality Type - ESTP
Jon Bernthal ESTP Personality Type


Jon Bernthal wasn’t too difficult to type, perhaps it was his lead role in the Netflix Series “The Punisher” that really amplified his function stack as the ESTP. By the way, Jon Bernthal is almost too perfect for the role as Frank Castle, if you haven’t already watched the series, wow it’s a definite must.

One of his most notable roles is as Shane Walsh in the first two seasons of the popular AMC series “The Walking Dead,” where he portrayed a complex character caught in a post-apocalyptic zombie world.

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Chris Pratt Personality Type – ENFP

Chris Pratt Personality Type - ENFP
Chris Pratt ENFP Personality Type


You may know Chris Pratt from sitcom “Parks & Recreation” or some bigger blockbusters like “Jurassic WorldGuardian’s of the Galaxy” – whatever the stage, Chris never seems phased with whatever role he’s given. Known for his charismatic and humorous on-screen presence, successfully transitioning from comedic roles to more action and dramatic parts in various films and television series.

Thanks to (Ne) in ENFP as its primary function, navigating unchartered territory is something this function is adept at.

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