Leonardo DiCaprio Personality Type – ESFP

Leonardo DiCaprio Personality Type - ESFP
Leonardo DiCaprio ESFP Personality Type


Magnetic and absolutely fun to be around, Leonardo DiCaprio is the ESFP in god mode for a lack of a better phrase. Leading with Se (Extraverted Sensing), it is spontaneity and a sense of adventure which makes the ESFP shine through the ages. I haven’t met one ESFP who wasn’t down to try something new, they are the life of the party and rightfully so.

There are way too many great movies to name for this iconic star, but here are a few – “Titanic“, “Blood Diamond“, “Catch me if you can“, “The Revenant“, “Shutter Island” and I’m sure I’ve missed many more, but let’s also not forget another excellent masterpiece “Inception“.

DiCaprio gained fame and recognition for his acting abilities early in his career. He started his acting journey in television commercials and had guest roles in several TV series before making his film debut in the low-budget horror comedy “Critters 3” in 1991. However, it was his role as Jack Dawson in the epic romance “Titanic” (1997) that catapulted him to international stardom.

Because ESFP’s are primarily governed by extraverted functions Se and Te (child function), you get a feel for Leo’s roles as if you’re in the actual scene. Leaving no chance of boredom to ever take place, it is the ESFP which initiates a playground of endless possibilities.

Leo is recognized for his ability to portray complex characters with depth and authenticity, making him one of the most respected actors in the industry.

I get a friend to travel with me… I need somebody to bring me back to who I am. It’s hard to be alone.

Leonardo DiCaprio