Ryan Reynolds Personality Type – ENTP

Ryan Reynolds Personality Type - ENTP
Ryan Reynolds ENTP Personality Type


Ryan Reynolds is an easy one to type although some sources give ESTP as being a possibility, I think he’s an ENTP. These two types are a bit like INFP and INTP (and many others), two types that are so close it’s hard to tell which is what. It really boils down to a lot of factors and if you’re a linguist typing might actually be something you might want to get into. There’s a lot of reading to do.

Ryan is a likeable dude – similar to Robert Downey Jr (both ENTP’s). ENTP’s are a tough one to dislike, the kind of trouble or mischief they get into or create is a bit different than that of an ESTP. ENTP’s are comical, funny, quick witted intellectuals – the mad scientist type so don’t let Ryan’s dashing good looks fool you.

ESTP’s on the other hand are a little on the serious side – oh they are well liked too, the type all the babes flock too. Let’s remember it is extraverted sensing that rules the ESTP and the extraverted intuition that rules the ENTP, different drivers taking the wheel. Except you might really like an ESTP or dislike one, one of the extremes.

With Ryan, he is such a big picture thinker, you can hear it in speech and at times they are bit all over the place. With ESTP’s though, they’re more like big picture doers and yes at times they are a bit all over the place with they say they’re going to do. But they do eventually get done.

Ryan is popularly known for his role as Deadpool, let’s highlight that. Yeah he played “Green Lantern” and if you’ve been around long enough “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” – but it’s his role as Deadpool that meshes well for this comical ENTP. Ryan can basically just be himself and ENTP’s have a way of merging personality with profession.