Natalie Portman Personality Type – ISTJ

Natalie Portman Personality Type - ISTJ
Natalie Portman ISTJ Personality Type


Yeah, not one of Natalie Portman’s best photos but this was completely intentional. I wanted to capture Natalie in her natural state, when she isn’t acting on script – a candid shot if you will. We usually see Natalie strutting along in a pretty pristine dress accompanied by a great big smile. Watch some of Natalie’s interviews from her younger years (well, and now too) and you’ll see what I mean. Go back in time and watch one of her first movies (I think it was her first), “Léon: The Professional” . If you’ve already watched it, it’s worth watching again – highly recommended, really good movie.

Other big hits include “Black Swan”, “Marvel’s Thor” and Star Wars – check these movies out as well.

Let’s dive into Natalie’s personality type, her cognitive functions. I’ve seen her typed as INFJ, I can see a case for this actually but I see ISTJ. I see more Introverted Sensing (Si) dominating her function stack. This is really hard to see without observing Natalie in different settings and her storytelling. Natalie is an ISTJ, the “Duty Fulfiller”, the “Inspector”. They can be quite particular about how they dress, especially for a big event or tradition.

ISTJ’s are tough to type because that “I” (for introvert”) can completely throw you off. ISTJ’s appear extraverted much like a lot of ESTJ’s may appear quite introverted. More importantly though, you haven’t taken the time to understand cognitive functions. In Natalie’s case, I believe it is introverted sensing that gives her that down to earth vibe. This trickles down to her choice in clothing and how she responds to questions. She references facts and memories stored in her Si quite often in interviews.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with ISTJ’s and they do give off an inspector vibe. Almost feels as if I was being monitored, but in all fairness they are just adhering to structure and want to make sure everyone else is following the rules. This is something they’re so inclined to do as duty fullfiller’s.

“Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women.”

Natalie Portman

ISTJ’s may sometimes shift into their superego and express spontaneous bouts of Ne (Extraverted Intuition) and Fi (Extraverted Feeling), the ENFP (below):

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