Jeff Bezos Personality Type – ISTJ

Jeff Bezos Personality Type – ISTJ
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Jeff Bezos ISTJ Personality Type


Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and Amazon CEO of this massive E-Commerce company we all know as Amazon. Yeah I love the name. A name I don’t think will ever go away, online shopping -everything online. One of Bezos‘ famous quotes –

“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.”

Jeff Bezos

I couldn’t agree more. I shop on Amazon all the time, yeah there are returns and awful products out there. Sometimes, my package gets lost, damaged, stolen or in extremely rare cases – just never arrives, but that’s the worse case scenario. At the end of the day, Amazon isn’t successful for nothing. Amazon, or should I say Bezos – keeps customer service as the main priority.

Enough about Amazon, though it’s hard to separate the two. On to the man who literally wrote the word Amazon on his wall before Amazon went online.

You know most of the time we usually think of ENTJ’s, INTJ’s and ENFJ’s holding the title of CEO and founder of some lucrative business tech start up. Heck, even behind the scenes INTP and intuitive explosives ENFP’s can be found scattered about these planes.

Jeff Bezos and I might as well say Amazon, are both ISTJ’s. A well oiled machine with many components, but highly specialized and well operated – again thanks to the ISTJ cognitive functions in which it provides. But let’s not discount Jeff Bezos here, I’m merely high lighting the subject matter here, which is assessing personality types.

The ISTJ, Jeff Bezos – Introverted Sensing hero marching on, not future thinking intuitives but grounded sensing laying the groundwork brick by brick. Introverted Sensing is highly aware of it’s vitals even when in a rut, they are privately aware of it. Where intuitive’s shine in the metaphysical realm, sensories thrive in the physical realm – and what can get more physical than online shopping, products, exports, imports, transactions and this behemoth we call Amazon.

Extraverted Thinking – what a powerful parent to be watching the stack. In Bezos case, more like a manager. Rationalizing its needs effectively to keep the engine running all while keeping customers happy with their shopping experience. Te (Extraverted Thinking), is objective in its pursuits. There’s no better function that can rationalize, objectify and effectively execute than results oriented Extraverted Thinking. It knows what everything is thinking, or what it’s purpose is if that makes any sense.

Third on Bezos function stack is the child, Introverted Feeling. Fi, the moral compass and quite different from other child functions because it is a feeling function. A function that may be kept more private compared to other function stacks. Fi is subtly expressed in lingually in Bezos, in his facial expressions and mannerisms. In any case, Fi provides persevering knowledge, the distinction if you will, between what is right and wrong. This is seen primarily on how Bezos carries himself. When was the last time you’ve heard Bezos caught up in some scandal? Yeah there might be a good handful out there – but not many I can think off the bat.

Extraverted Intuition, Bezos inferior function – known as the aspiring function, and the function that isn’t directly utilized, but achieved by using the dominant function. In Bezos case, Introverted Sensing – what is familiar, what works, what is tried and true. On the polar opposite, we have Extraverted Intuition, a realm of possibilities. The problem with this though for the ISTJ, is that there are way too many gaps, too much uncertainty. But it’s no wonder Bezos said a famous quote –

“I don’t want to use my creative energy on somebody else’s user interface.”

Jeff Bezos

From this, we can gather his sparing use of creative energy on chance, possibility or on other’s line of thought. Introverted Sensing works with what works and achieves creativity by investing on itself. Further refining on what already works. For Bezos and for the rest of the world – we call this, Amazon.