Dwayne Johnson Personality Type – ENFJ

Dwayne Johnson Personality Type - ENFJ
Dwayne Johnson ENFJ Personality Type


Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. “The Rock” we all know from WWE/WWF Wrestling before he went on to star in several blockbuster movies including Fast & Furious, Doom, Rampage, Baywatch (2017) and Jumanji (2019) just to name a few.

At the time of this writing, recently announced was his casting as DC’s “Black Adam”. Yeah, definitely looking forward to do that – bring it on. Dwayne Johnson would totally kick ass as Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson’s personality type is somewhat of another brain twister, but I’m up for the challenge. Try looking up his personality type on the interwebs and you will get a mix of attempts.

To name a few – ENTP, ESTP and ENFJ seem to win popular vote. The problem with votes though – there’s a lot of room for error. Even when marginal, the sample size itself is questionable if any. But these are very good votes though, I’m merely cautioning those who base their assessments solely on voting systems. You kind of have to dig in deep yourself, use several systems as guiding indicators, which is what I’m doing here.

So let’s dive right in. Dwayne Johnson is an Fe user, yes he is an Fe user, I will strongly agree with that. Fe is a bit like an chameleon, especially when placed first on the stack (Fe dominant). Fe has this gift of appeasing the masses. Almost becoming the hero/header, the majority yearns for. And so with Fe dom, we get variants of this type – a wide spectrum of persona’s. While its form remains the same, it’s the contents that get a bit tricky because this is a variable element.

I think we are thrown off by the high testosterone, the wrestling and his early days of football – the inclination toward our presuppositions about the “The Rock”.

And so we immediately conclude his dominant function to be Se (Extraverted Sensing), which is mostly associated with users who are daredevils, who seek that adrenaline rush from plane jumping and the sort.

But I don’t think Dwayne Johnson is an ESTP, a stack which has the following order – Se, Ti, Fe, Ni. Nor do I think he is ENTP – Ne, Ti, Fe, Si. Yes, both of these stacks include Fe (Extraverted Feeling), although ENTP users have Ne and Si, I can see a case for this but this one is a stretch. I would be opt to lean more ESTP between the two.

I think Dwayne Johnson alluded earlier, is an Se user operating in the third slot (child) but not the first (dominant) To add to this, I also think Dwayne Johnson is an Ni, not a Ne user.

There is only one other function stack that contains Fe, Ni, Se and Ti and exactly in this order. This is the ENFJ.

Versatile, possesses leadership abilities, highly adaptable, empathetic, will become almost anything for the sake of the group. It is the group that matters, it is the tribe but in large, we mean community. We mean society. We mean, the world.

Finding meaning is tucked in Dwayne Johnson’s stack in Ni, cutting down and closing in to the core of what it should become, based on meaning. This could be the meaning to anything, like – what is life? Okay, enough philosophy, on to Extraverted Sensing (Se).

Se, yeah Dwayne has this function too. But not in the first slot, but the the third – yeah I’m repeating what I’ve mentioned earlier as to not lose track of the stack. Se is a child function, the “eternal child” if you will. I think most people discount the child function, the child function can be extremely sharp when right. Then again because it is a child, it can be really wrong when wrong.

Extraverted Sensing in Dwayne can be visibly seen. Unlike other function stacks, the child function can be quite private. But this sensing is Extraverted, so this sensing function will come out with ENFJ’s.

Whether it’s running, travel, hitting the gym, learning a sensory skill like martial arts or getting into guns and yeah, even fights. Extraverted Sensing is aware of the environment now, not before nor later – but in the moment.

The last function on Dwayne’s stack is Ti, introverted thinking. Everything goes back to principle. With Fe as the polar opposite, this is a lifelong wrestle as with any other function stack. The war between Fe and Ti can be unpleasant but thanks to Se and especially parent Ni, time spent with these functions can balance things out for the ENFJ. And that’s what I see in Dwayne nowadays – a balanced individual who has achieved one of the greatest principles using both Ti and Fe – being kind to others.

“Not only do I think being nice and kind is easy, but being kind, in my opinion is important.”

Dwayne Johnson