Eddie Murphy Personality Type – ESTP

Eddie Murphy Personality Type - ESTP


Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy is back, for how long who knows but his recent comeback on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and “Coming 2 America” (a sequel to the original Coming to America) exceeded my expectations. If anything it was refreshing to see some old school talent totally crush it.

Some of my other all time faves are “Beverly Hills Cop“, “48 Hours“, “Another 48 hours“, “Dr. Doolittle“, yeah even “Norbit” are some of my all time faves. Eddie Murphy took a break from showbiz for a long while though and his return to the big stage made me want to dig into his personality type.

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Bill Gates Personality Type – ENTJ

Bill Gates Personality Type - ENTJ
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Bill Gates ENTJ Personality Type


Bill Gates, co-founder, pretty much the face of Microsoft. Software developer, billionaire and in his later years, philanthropist which I think are all key in typing Bill Gates. At the time of this post, Bill and Melinda Gates have decided to break up and throw in the the towel, who knows why really. We’ve got more important matters at hand, like figuring out whether Bill Gates is an ENTJ, INTP and I even considered the possibility of the ESTJ (I know that’s a stretch, but worth a chance in our analysis). Let’s take a dive, shall we.

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