Brie Larson Personality Type – INFP

Brie Larson Personality Type - INFP
Brie Larson INFP Personality Type


Brie Larson. People need to stop hating on Brie, for serious. I think a lot of Marvel fans were a little put off after watching Brie’s role as Captain Marvel on the big screen. Look I get it, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Let’s be real here, were talking about CAPTAIN MARVEL of the MCU. So I see the super high expectations for Brie. But let’s not disregard her amazing performance in the “Room”, a role I find more fitting for Brie. However, Brie is barely just settling in as Captain Marvel – best we can do is remain optimistic, she has a lot of potential and there is plenty of room to mature and grow. I think if the industry was much more aware of her personality type and cognitive functions, she could really capitalize on her strengths, refine and improve on a few things depending on the role.

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