Captain America Personality Type – ISFJ

Captain America Personality Type - ISFJ
Captain America ISFJ Personality Type


I couldn’t get the photo I really wanted for this due to Marvel’s licensing & usage rights – but I think this one will suffice.

Captain America, a.k.a Steve Rogers. Easily one of my favorite Marvel Super Heroes – there’s just loads to write about when it comes to Cap.

Super soldier, Avenger and one of the rare heroes able to lift and wield the power of Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer). It’s Caps hand to hand combat skills that sets him apart from his contemporaries – Thor and Iron Man. You combine Mjolnir with his indestructible shield and you’re in for some awesome combo’s.

When it comes to personality type though, there’s no better super hero that best exemplifies the traits of an ISFJ than Steve Rogers. There’s no argument about this one – personality type fanatics all around the web would agree Cap is an ISFJ.

I personally like ISFJ’s – I have had some really close friendships with a very small few. They are extremely reliable, individualistic and dedicated to any cause they have set their minds too. They aren’t easily swayed.

ISFJ’s enjoy compiling an archive of personal experiences thanks to their primary function – introverted sensing. With Cap, this only comes natural, having lived through different time lines and even alternate universes.

Though this occurrence is rare, ISFJ’s can also get quite isolated from the world and completely choose to “ghost” themselves from society – especially after the wake of some tragedy or conflict. Don’t get this wrong though, ISFJ’s aren’t running from the problem at hand, they just need time to recharge and gather themselves before they go out swinging again.

Let’s not forget they are introverts – they need that alone time to gather the facts. We’ve seen Cap do this in MCU’s “Age of Ultron” and “Civil War”.

Protector, defender, and nurturer is what the ISFJ is known for – for this reason, the Avenger’s wouldn’t be complete without Cap.